Private Lock for Chests?

Okay, this would be a great addition. I see it was suggested a year ago. The ability to add a private lock would be great to prevent own clan members from accidentally (or even on purpose) taking stuff that you’ve built/collected/ acquired without your permission.

We have a low-level player that is still just HORRIBLE with his controls. Today he took a set of armor and weapons that took me an hour and a half to make. He went out, got killed, then signed off and everything decayed. WTF. LOL. Knucklehead.

I can’t see how this wasn’t a standard feature. THOUGH I can see how it can be abused too. However, you could make the lock something like, PS4 four digit combo to open.

What are your thoughts?

Sounds like you got a clan member problem. HAd those. In a clan, i am all for sharing, but you will find out that those people who just lose stuff constantly, rarely put the time to craft it (not necessarily farm, but actually learn recipes, go thru all the crafting, especially armor)

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LOL…Well, he’s a good friend. Our entire clan is all family or close friends. He’s just a noob. He plays a lot of Fortnight and just goes crazy with the controller. He just hasn’t gotten his coordination yet and sometimes takes stuff and doesn’t en know it.

BUT I do get your point. He WILL soon be put in charge of gathering supplies to make the armor so he learns to respect it.

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Ahh, yes, training noobs :slight_smile: My favorite past time :wink:

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If this becomes habitual just do what I do and find a location near the base but hidden enough that its easy for randoms to pass by and put a chest there or start building false rooms in your base lol.

Honestly for bigger clans I always build people their own rooms for fun and that issue never came up then. Unless, you know, they were going out of their way to tick people off.

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Exactly what Onionthing put … make small bedrooms or storage rooms for each clan member. Anything a clan member does not want shared and used goes into their own personal storage space.
If you have to build small to stay hidden for PvP purposes then assign chests to each player as you can name them. Things in a named chest are a no touch item.
Make free for all communal chests for items you are happy to be used by all.

How about just private stuff? Once the holder logs out or is killed, the items are signaled to the owner to fetch them. Like they were loaned, but awaiting return at the spot of demise.

You know I didn’t even think of the separate rooms being a solution for that…I mean, we are already working to build them as a ten man clan needs a lot of space for rooms. But you’re right, that will prevent accidental stripping of items.

Another aspect of the seperate room for personal storage can be signs next to workbenches and thrall wheel/animal pen to tell the rest who the resources belong to.
Eg five furnaces in a row, each with a sign close to it or for the set which your clan can use. Something like:
#1 group building
#2 group building
#3 Joe
#4 Bob
#5 free for all

So if crafting is finished for Bob and Dave wants to use it he can move Bob’s stuff to Bob’s room into Bob’s Transfer resources chest. And then use the furnace.

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