PlayerLock for Anything Lockable

When are we looking to receive a PlayerLock Box Option on Chests We Place. I’m tired of crafting armor then customize it with the specific stat boosts and dye then place it in my locked chest only to find out that my clan mate took it. On top of that it would be helpful for making sure each clan mate is actually doing their part or at least we would have an option like clan lock or player locked so what we collector craft for our individual selves to survive we can have. Also, The fact that when you join a clan and when you leave everything you built belongs to the clan is okay, but at least change that for chests and cupboards and things we can lock. Just saying it would be helpful.

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Agree’d and rank based chests too. Also doors.

This would keep infiltrators honest to a degree and make infiltration more of scouting than being given the keys to the castle, unless of course the clan isn’t careful.

But yes, this would be nice. Sometimes annoying clanmates are worse than the enemies outside your base because there’s not much you can do and this would mitigate so many of those problems.

+1 for Variable Storage Locking Mechanics
+1 for Variable Door Locking Mechanics
+1 for my lockable bedroom i could have :sob:
(I think rp’ers would really like the last one)


private server? than you can use Unlock Plus which adds a private chest

Why does it have to be a private server? Why can’t we have our own custom armor sets safely storaged and not have to repeat the whole remake outfit process unless we actually die and don’t go back to retrieve it or we lose a pvp and they keep it.

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because my alternative suggestion is a mod and only private servers (or single player) can use mods and to be honest I doubt funcom will add such a private chest… my opinion but I would also be happy if it comes out differently

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