Locks on doors?

I’d like to see lockable doors that work like chests so we can make areas that are accessible to server users that aren’t in our clan by simply unlocking the door, This would allow me to build an community event that involves choosing the right door to proceed or villages that could be looted without alerting the guards on the walls.

please Funcom make this happen :slight_smile:


That would be great! I’m working on a community location to hold event that will involve prices but not being able to just leave them in a chest for the winner make me need to go empty handed as I start a stream so the players can see that I did not retain any of the loot…so much more complicated that just a chest or door that could be opened by someone not in my clan.

There is also the issue of bases that can be on the path and block the access. Hving the possibility to make such lock would allow to make those door openable and pass through (in PVE servers) and maybe make them locked in the PVP time on the PVE Conflict servers.

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I like where this is going, but let me add to the idea.
How about the ability to craft locks and lock picks? And booby traps for the doors and chests.
I personally would much rather sneak inside a base past defenses thralls and pets, rather than blow a huge hole in the side of the wall, kill there entire army and destroy there chests, just to come out of it with (if I am lucky) with maybe the cost of resources it took to bust in. This is demoralizing to them having lost all that time effort and resources. A lot of the resources they lose I don’t even want, but it drops and despawns.

If I could sneak, climb, and pick lock my way into a base, take what I need/want and leave there base in tact I believe it would be a much better gaming experience for everyone.

I think this could also be useful if you wanted to build a dungeon crawl for your buddies. Got a lot of friends from D&D I have been trying to get to play Conan, and if I think this would be a good selling point for them.


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