A special chest to loot between players in PvE


I have been thinking for a while that it would be nice to be able to exchange in a more open way in PvE, to give the things we do not need (legendary weapons, pets, thralls, potions, materials…) to other players. Of course we can always help a player in dire need if he calls for help in the chat, by crossing the map to drop an item at his feet, but it is far from ideal and very unlikely to happen (one must be online at the same time and speak the same language).
I was thinking about creating a special chest which would enable any player to loot from it. It would not replace the ones existing, unaccessible to other players, but complement what we have. It would help keeping some friendly exchange with your neighbours even when you are offline, and prevent some items to go to waste when they can serve others. Put in perspective, it would not change anything for the PvP and PvE-C players, but it would be amazing in the PvE servers.

By curiosity, I looked if other players had already posted about that idea (I don’t really think out of the box you see :woozy_face:), and found many interesting well developped posts about it.

If I may say, the “Treasure Coffer” we currently have seems directly inspired by Agnusthemagi’s description. :laughing:

Can we hope to have that special chest, trader, table… implemented one day? Has there been a feedback from the team about that topic?


I’m not totally familiar with how this works in a multiplayer setting, but isn’t unlocking a chest a function in the game already? If so, could you not simply use a normal, unlocked chest?

Maybe even put a sign next to it that reads “Community Chest”? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, locking and unlocking does not exist on the Official PvE servers. We do not have options at all, the server was set by the admins as such: no access to chests, stations, mounts’ inventories… which do not belong to your clan. That is why we leave our bases wide open for others to visit in PvE. Nobody can steal. We don’t even have the “option” to let them steal lol.

I did play on private servers in which you could lock/unlock your chests though, but they were PvE-C or PvP servers (or self named “PvE” servers with PvP settings for trade purposes), and set by the admins that way.

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I see. I suppose that makes sense.

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The day they create a chest to trade with others, I will put that “Community Chest” sign and send you a picture lol.

Yup I always found it weird that they programmed PVE this way. Like you know, PVP has the functionality to lock and unlock chests.

That specific feature or close to your suggestion has been asked for so many times and I think it would be highly welcomed.

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Indeed. The only thing I like about the setting is that people cannot loot in the stations. So we can leave materials in the stations. But for the chests? It’s an other story.

Do you think the chests and stations are inseparable (in the way they were programmed), hence why they had to come up with the locking system in PvP and did not bother for PvE? Then I’d much prefer them to add a locking system on everything, chests and stations, and give us a choice in PvE.

But that would be the easiest way. Since they are improving the game and trying new things along with the ages, I do hope for a real new chest/table/merchant or anything new, which would give us a more immersive approach when it comes to sharing things.

That’s probably why ya…

I don’t think PVPers would be happy about locked stations for raiding though.

But some strategic clans remove everything off their stations in anticipation of being raided and placing in locked chests, vaults or getting the loot out. So maybe if that action is something that would be universal, I could see locked stations being accepted. I don’t know, there’s so many mentalities and actions in PVP that it’s hard to say what would be ok and not based on norm.

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All I can think of with that Community Chest suggestion is ‘Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200’


True… and it might not be so well received by the PvE community either in the end… I’m thinking of the new players who choose “PvE”, and would not know you’d have to lock things up, and would be stolen right at the beginning of the game. It could be felt like a kind of betrayal :woozy_face:

But a specific item, designed just for trading/giving to others, with the appropriate description to warn people upon crafting? It could work.


Here’s the only Monopoly I have at home:

Conan is not prepared :smiling_imp:

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Isn’t the altar at Chaosmouth accessible for everyone?

Or the volcano forge. Or the frost smithy.


I don’t know about the Chaosmouth altar, I will have to check it up.
As for the volcano forge and frost smithy, we tend to leave what could help others in their craft in it. I doubt a person goes through the trouble of getting there to have random items placed in it. And if you want to give a horse or components to a new player? He’ll already have many horses and a whole base by the time he reaches those stations.

There’s also a downside to this…. Lazy and / or entitled players. Why bother to learn the game when they can possibly get end game gear from a box at the beginning?


Well, utimately, it’s one’s choice to play this way or that way. But aren’t we lazy ourselves then? I bet everybody’s gone wild with the blood tools when we could get them at the merchants’ rather than bother doing the dungeon. It’s up to the person to take an item or pass their way to do it themselves. An other comparison to that would be how some people look things up in the wiki to optimize themselves in the game rather than discovering by themselves. It’s a survival game, yet nobody call those who look for answers on internet lazy players.

I was thinking more of the likes of level 1 characters demanding Redeemed Silent Legion armour and ‘ starter kits’. It’s the same issue on World of Warcraft and GTA Online.

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Well, for the armour it would be way to heavy for the lvl 1 player to wear it. The poor guy would have a fancy armour on the back, and would be stuck where he stands loool. Jk jk. I understand what you mean though. What would be the limit? Well… There is none, admitidly. Is there any fun getting an end gear early in the game? Maybe not. In PvP, I can understand the fun, because you had to kill someone or survive the entrance to their base to steal something of advanced level. So you kind of achieved something you can be proud of to get that gear. But in PvE, it could also become a reward for an event organized by the community. It could also just be an exchange between people who each thinks that it is a fair trade and each wins something out of it (I proposed a looting chest, but Agnusthemagi proposed a trading station). And if there’s no trade, no event? Well, that’s just the way it is. The person won’t be able to craft it again if they lose it unless they do the dungeon. I am not too worried about it. :upside_down_face:

Chaosmouth would be easily reachable for a level 1 character.

Good that you were kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


I was half joking. I said that because it happened to me a long time ago lol.
My clan wanted to help me reach their base when I started Conan. They gave me an armour to survive the trip on foot. The armour was too heavy to carry, I had to go back to the leaf clothes and run for it :rofl:
I see your picture lol.

I know what you mean :slight_smile:

But if you craft it correctly, heavy armor is lighter than light armor.