I know it would probably take some coding magic, but

I really like helping other players out. As in giving someone a decent mining tool at the start, showing up at their purge and hanging back if they need any help, rushing down to newb river when a fresh spawn is born into a sandstorm and gifting them a mask…

I know the battle standard flag does magical things. I just wish I could plop a “Commune” flag over something. Have a small hut with some basic stuff. A chest ANYONE can access in PVE-C that contains waterskins, sandstorm masks… Heck, it would be a great place to drop a lot of the nearly broken tunics I get off of npc’s. I don’t want to hand the game to people, but I understand that broken highway hustle…

TLDR - Let me leave a chest unlocked. Lol!


We can leave them unlocked in pvp
and I agree pve-c should allow this as well.

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Oh, I wasn’t making a demand/suggestion. Just thinking out loud. I have ZERO coding experience and didn’t want to seem all “ThE dEvS sHOuLD dO sOMetHiNG I CaNT dO!” Lol! But thanks, I edited the tag. :slight_smile:

We have this discussion on our Public PVE server all the time. It’s a very collaborative environment and we would love the opportunity to put out small caches around the map as community resources.

Certainly you will always have the personalities that loot everything, but those folks get bored when you ignore them long enough and the majority of our players have proven to be decent folk.

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As a player on a PVE-C server, I think having the ability to unlock chests and workbenches would be a nice addition.
I sometimes build public conveniences, like cliff staircases with a Well, and it would be nice to put a community chest, and a campfire for other passers by to use.