Commonly accessible loot box for PVE

Some friends and I play logging into one guy’s computer running a server. Recently he opened it up to all.

A number of people have joined and formed clans, good peeps.

If there is not a way (I have not found it) to make a container accessible by all, it would be a neat feature for the type of community that is developing here.

Drop off something someone asks for in Discord and they can pick it up. Leave excess mats for anyone to use, post it on Discord.

It alleviates the need to be online at the same time (several time zones) and reduces time wasted in meeting up in ‘person’.

Any interest or suggestions?

Please note this is PVE, not PVE-C




Sure, i get the idea, and i love the concept.
Unfortunately, nothing like this implemented right now in the vanilla game for any game-communiy.

I did it with mods, and it’s working fine, and mostly greatly appreciated. Ever created public shelter, with doors opening to all players, or set only to some hours.
Starter-kits, or hidden chest with divers goodies, and much more. The possibilities are endless with a bit imagination. But still limited by codes and engines for sure.

I think the perfect idea mecanic viable for all game-styles and communities, be it pve, pve/pve-c or ever singleplayer with co-op.
But craftable public chest and why not some doors are realisable. Maybe they should be limited in number, to see.

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