Shareable stuff in PVE

First of all thank you for implementing the non stealing option to PVE.
helped a lot. A LOT…

But why did you take away already implemented features ? like the possibility to open/close chest to be public…
also a bunch of other thing. like WOPs

It resulted that everyone started to create a separate base for each clan next to the hotspots… like NewAssgarden like 5 maprooms (closed off) and 20 PR offices just around it…

Although most of us in one server are friends enough to allow each other to use the other’s wop or maprooms

also doors… because all doors are closed and no option to open it to public… a lot of new buildings comes with no doors at all. looks kinda silly but that’s the only option to show off our wonderful decorations indoors… :smiley:

Possible solution? everything should be closed by default and have an option to make it publicly useable.
Or at least this 3 things: chests, doors, and WOP.

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For doors, you can disable auto-close and leave them open.

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I agree that an option to “allow public use” of stations and doors would be nice. I mean, I made a shortcut from the savanah to the tundra at my base but after they go up the elevator, they would need to climb out instead of opening the large gate that’s just there to stave off the purge. Just add the option on the same radial wheel as “destroy”, “interact” and/or “pick up”.

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Thank you for reminding me I forgot that option already… and it is Way better than nothing. ( Yesterday I had a visitor… and by custom I just quickly picked up all the doors… :smiley: Silly me :D)

But still allowing us to have the option to create public access stuff is kinda a must :smiley: