PVE Suggestions - unlockable placeables (personal, clan, open), more frequent and diffficult Purge

Couple suggestions for PVE servers mainly (Official). With much of the difficulty inherent from playing PVP missing, PVE servers could use a few tweaks to make them more challenging and engaging…

  1. Increase the frequency AND diffficulty of Purges on PVE Servers (and possibly PVE-C but not as much) to make up for the lack of human danger. I’d LOVE to see purges happening all over the place (on PVE servers, often the whole Server will show up to fight off a purge anyway) all the time. Right now, it’s not a dangerous or even challenging mechanic, even up North.

  2. Change all placed crafting stations/chests/doors/etc. to have three settings for locking: default should be Clan as it is now, but add the option of Personal only (this encourages larger clans if you know your stuff is safe even from new members) and Unlocked. One of the things I LOVED doing in EA on PVE servers was building, with others on the Server, whole towns and outposts with communal crafting stations, chests for donating stuff to others, etc… Right now, you just end up with large Keeps that are desolate and no reason for others to visit since they can’t interact (except with Map rooms thankfully)

Just a couple ideas for tweaking PVE to make it a little better still.


yes totaly aggre, give us a reason to build purge defens, purges (whit no rewards) that clear blockingoff on key locations and make it faster to fill the purge meter + increst the nr of purges/day.

On PVP servers you can lock and unlock chests so whay not in PVE for stations/chests/doors/etc? To open up a crafting hub outside my base for everyone to come and proses ther stuffs.
Just to be able to lock so they cant tacke the thralls.

And som Guild ranking stuff can come in hand. And maybe ad so you can make a limitid nr of privat locks for youre privat rome even in the big clanhub.

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Yes please on the permissions, we had a few crafting setups in my old EA server that got fairly regular use. Much better than having to have a billion bases in one place.

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And as they did on my old pvp server, a clan put up a donation plase in the newbe area when player was able to donate stuff they no longer needed to help new players.


Yep, that too… certainly better than just tossing them like now.

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