Locking crafting stations maybe?

Oceania Official servers.
Last time I played on a Official pve server the stations could be locked, from furnaces to animal pens etc.

Recently my main pvp server was hit by a zerg clan of griefers who got so laggy when walking any ware near them they would teleport everywhere.
They used this to walk through the walls of every clan they encountered and steal just about everything.

It may sound simple and probably a little dumb, but it would be god I think to be able to lock these stations as well like we do with boxes. Maybe have a lockpicking feature of some sort to balance that but at the very least stop players form lagging into bases like that.

It is a server setting option (Containers Ignore Ownership) which is turned on by default on official PvP.

Yeah forgot about that honestly :sweat_smile:. Still only leaves the explosive option for those who raid legit though, Can’t Imagine many raiders be happy about wasting more dragon powder if that feature is turned on :slightly_frowning_face:

Just throwing silly idea’s out there, it’s hard to craft anything when these griefers keep walking through walls and teleporting all over the place :expressionless:

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