Lockable Workstations, Weapon Displays and Crates

Like wooden boxes, large chests, cupboards and vaults, please give us an option to lock work stations, weapon displays and crates. Would love to have my thralls out on display, working and not worrying that someone will steal them. Same goes for displaying weapons and not worrying someone will steal them either. Please, Funcom.

Thank you.


In My Opinion I Don’t Think You Should Be Able To Lock Work Stations. If You Like Showing Off Your Builds, I Think PVE May Be A Better Choice For You.

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I think this would be great as a configurable option. PvP official probably shouldn’t have this as a default. But it would be nice in roleplaying PvP servers and others. I personally would love it for the same reasons. I like to put things on display, and there’s no way to do that without opening it up to theft unless you prevent all items from being looted, which presents other problems for role play servers and the like.

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It would also help settings out gift boxes for new players giving out unneeded materials. Plenty of times wanted to give a player on my server supplies and could not because they were offline or couldn’t carry it.


Just place a box down and leave it unlocked

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Won’t work with my current server settings to many people don’t realize to lock chests and not store things next to windows. Had alot of complaints though I may give a 2 week warning and do it again. Thanks

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I like your idea but it is pvp. If someone found your work bench locked he can always place a bomb an make you more damage. You will loose the materials, the worker and the bench. So if you are not ‘able’ to protect your working station, locking will not change a thing. I think that you get my point here :wink:. To protect my favorite working thralls, when i play pvp, i have an under water vault and i place them there before i log out. I really don’t care for the rest, i can farm everything extremely easy and fast, but named workers, like golum said is ‘my precious’ :joy::joy::joy:.

I’m on PVE. New people still have the ability to steal thralls from workstations.

I’m playing on a PVE server. There’s nothing to stop player stealing thralls from workstations unless it’s a server setting.


This is exactly what I mean. The admin on the private server I’m on has a welcome centre for new players. We’re constantly donating items to the ‘Salvation Army’ boxes. I just don’t want them coming to my Darfari village and stealing all my workstation thralls.

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I mean, most people blow them anyways for sihts and giggles…this would eliminate the meshing exploit that allows for thievery outside of raid times.

Play official then . I am a pve lover too . In official servers everything is locked and when i say everything i mean it . I play official for pve and all my weapons are on racks and my doors are always open . Nothing can be stolen on official servers and the gaming part is untouched,so will have a fair experience of the game . I cannot say that it’s easy to find a proper server , however the one i play is fantastic

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I guess I’m not familiar with that meshing exploit, so I can’t really speak to it either way. I say it shouldn’t be default on official PvP servers because it seems like your workstations should be vulnerable, especially if you leave them outside unprotected. At that point thievery is warranted. But, I don’t really play official PvP so Im not going to pretend to be an expert. I play mostly on private servers, and I definitely think locking workstations and weapon racks would be a nice feature that I would use on my server, if it were an option.

I love your mentality , I have a huge problem on the official server to trade things or to gift things to new players . for this reason I asked in the past charity tables . When you are lvl 60 , or experienced player lower lvl ,you farm weapon and armour pieces that the dismantling bench is giving you back garbage . So it would be far more useful to give this ‘used’ pieces to a new player . Still I don’t like the mentality of a pve player to go and steal the one that is offering . Yes I agree to your suggestion for the option to lock the working benches , plus I would love to have an option to panish the thieves :smirk: on pve servers .

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I Love Playing On Official PVE Servers. Although There’s Pros And Cons For Both I Believe The Pros For Official Outweigh The Private Servers.
Official Pros.
No Rules Set By Admins…No Server End Date… Build A Big As You Please…No Stupid Discords To Join…
Your Builds Are More Rewarding…
Free To All…

Cons Stamina Drain…Hunger And Thirst…Drop Everything On Death…

Non Official Pros.
Boosted Servers…Keep Stuff When You Die…
Admin Cheats (if you have access)…No Stamina Drain, Hunger Or Thirst…Can Have A Server Just You And Your Freinds
Non Official Cons
Opposite Of All The Pros For Official… Get Burnt Out Faster

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I don’t play officials due to locations of choice are taken and decay. Work can keep me away for too long.

I like the role play server I’m on and I get right into it. Being Darfari, all my tools are stone, my weapons are the flawless hunting bow and the Darfari weapons we can learn at Skulker’s End. I give Thugra the Tenderizer to help me take down harder enemies.

I give all the skeleton keys away.

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