Thralls in working stations / altars

I dont understand why working/religion thralls are vulnerable, anyone who has access to your station or altar can simply open them, steal the thrall and walk away without being noticed. Players are unable to kill other player thralls in PvE servers (in the upcoming changes)… it seems illogical working thralls remain stealable as they are.

I have a solution that could work perfectly for both PvE and PvP server:

Thralls should be locked on their stations:
Anyone but the owner (or clan member) can remove them… the only way others could steal the thrall is by breaking the station and looting them… players cannot damage other players structures in PvE servers, the thralls would be safe inside.

In PvP servers players could still destroy the station/altar and loot the thrall.


I just come here to make this suggestion.
When EA launched everything was locked then people complained their stations and chests where being broken on raids.

But yeah I still think it should not just be the caae of walking up to a station and stealing whatever thralls or pets are there.