Thralls utterly useless, don't defend against PvP theft of stuff

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA]

[ Thralls and pets not attacking enemy players that walk inside your base on site and let’s them just swipe over 100 hours of effort and progress and then they just walk out happy and thousands of resources richer. I finally got the EVENT log to work and found out why all my supplies have vanished and my crafters. However in the event log it doesn’t state all my thralls dying only 1 bearer thrall, obviously if they don’t stop or attempt to stop theft by other players what’s the damn point?]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter base
  2. Take stuff
  3. Say hi to enemy thralls thank them for the assistance
    4.walk out of base with a bunch of stuff and not a single scratch on them, well back and repeat.

Was this happening during the raid hours? Because the thralls will only attack players and players can only attack guarding thralls during the server’s raid hours.

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Okay that’s the issue then I didn’t know that this was after a weekday raid hour that last a single hour and weekends are a bulk of it. But regardless if they are physically taking stuff it needs to be defendable. They also seem to have just attacked nearly all my thralls to death and if they don’t fight back during safe hours this again is an issue but a different one. I would assume defending the base is automatic. If they take stuff. But guess not. Should have known because I was doing it as well. Ok only issue is I didn’t place houses around my stuff >.> still if stolen why not defend my crap. I gave you gruel. But thank you this actually did clear it up.

But I still believe they should automatically defend when someone steals something. Other wise it’s just silly.

Just make sure that your chests are locked and your crafting stations+thrall wheels are inside of a building. If your thralls don’t attack, this means that your enemies cannot bomb your buildings either. Be careful with stations clipping through the wall and windows. If your stations are placed near windows or stick through the walls, people can just loot them from outside. Make sure your thralls are equipped with gas masks, people can just gas them to kill them.

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Correction again. It’s full time PvP however building damage is only valid for one hour on weekdays I don’t think building damage counts right? So if I can kill a player whenever would that not cause them to defend before looting can occur. All my supplies were in the benches which are forced to be open it was my fault for not putting them in structures it will be corrected but the thralls did nothing to me in enemy bases and in my to enemies.

Thralls only attack when the building damage is on. They are considered “property”. If on your server building damage is on for 1 hour, then your thralls are going to be active for 1 hour. On official servers they will be active every day from 17:00-23:00 server time to assist you in defending. If you wish to rely on their protection, you will need to find a server with a longer raid window or adjust to the rules of your private server.

Yes, as stated thralls depend heavily on server settings. This actually changes your server MODE. If you want Thralls all the time: PVP-M is your setting.

Currently Conan Exiles does not have unique thrall designation settings where admins can outline things such as "Thralls harm only players at all times in x radius, all players only if attacked first, all players if structure is harmed, only harm non-clan players, only harm NPCs, only attack at x hours… "

You can see where the coding needs to be there a little more than it is currently. It is slightly. For example: PVE-C allows Thralls to ONLY defend against NPCs. They will not attack players at all. To enable this, it changes the MODE. Changing Thralls to attack players all the time would change the MODE to PVP-M (M for Mayhem of course!) indicating to other players that your server is a little more PVP than traditional PVP.

Remember, the developers are still trying things out. Some things might work for them, some might work for the community and some might be a little odd! The best thing we can do as players who spend the most time on the servers is hop on over to Trello and vote in what is prioritized ad well as continue to post constructive positive feedback here to be put into Trello :sunglasses:

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Okay thank you because I was looted again and this time on my body as well I know who it was too as they left stuff it was the 3 players I killed last night for taunting me 3v1 and from the looks a useless thrall. Okay so to understand this right the way to make thralls active against players is a server setting to prevent them from looting me or such? Because If that it, I am in the wrong type of server and now need to rent mine and set mine up. As for trello how do I post a topic to vote on? I couldn’t figure that out even after the tutorial. I don’t mind getting looted but not if they npc just have more purpose.

Also unrelated topic, nice hair color mind telling me the exact color? And does the idea behind PvP-M exist or even exist on PS4 or do I have to save faster for a high end pc after all.

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