Can anyone explain to me the whole "Set to Guard" function on a thrall/pet?

I am genially confounded by the fact that someone can walk/sneak into your base witch is littered with thrall and pet yet nothing attacks them. I witnessed someone fleeing my camp with some cubs i had maturing and none of the 6 Jags that he ran past attacked, just looked his way.

If it was outside raid hours then the thralls/pets are pretty much useless.

But wouldn’t being outside raid hours also stop people from looting your base? Otherwise, its just risk free raiding time.

As I understand it, on PvP servers you can access the inventory of other players/clans workbenches, thrall wheels and animal pens at ANY time if you can get close enough to them. Also you can access their chests, cupboards and vaults if they have been left unlocked. But you can only destroy other players buildings during raid time.
So the only defense is to ensure your workbenches, wheels and animal pens are enclosed in a building, as outside the raid window the thrall/pets do not actively defend your base from intruders.


That seems like a pretty big oversight.

You would think so. However, this happened just this morning. Raid hours are from 17:00-23:00. Well AFTER this took place.

We just so happen to pass by another base with pets that charged us right away. This was at 23:27, after raid hours. Something is inconsistent. However your reply did help me understand this more.

If you can’t attack or defend from players, they definitely shouldn’t be able to open containers. That’s one of the biggest parts of pvp and it doesn’t make sense to ignore that one part when you’re setting up windows for pvp.

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It is bothersome especially early on. My brothers and I are new to the server and this one lvl 60 continues to troll and rob us every chance he gets. He built a base no too far from ours and is setting up for something big. It just bothers me that we have all these things in place to defend the camp but all they do is watch it.
I understand the trigger behind the thralls but I feel there should be a secondary trigger added when defending home base.

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It’d be nice if there was a beginner’s protection option on server’s to stop raiding until the other player reaches level 60 and gets his build finished and maybe a small-medium base made. That’s another reason I play on SMP though, I don’t like having to worry about my base while I’m offline.

I wouldn’t go that far. Yea it’s a part of the game but some players take it too far. From what I seen there are about 7 players at lvl 60 in this server and only 1 has been bothering us. Thankfully I’m not a solo player this time and as a team we try to be on during conflict hours. We brainstorm ideas on protecting the important things and so far have held our own. Now that he’s set up camp tho, I’m weary of what’s to come. I’m just bothered by the thralls not doing what they are supposed to do. I feel that’s not working as intended.

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Well, if you scout his camp when you can, even at level 60 you guys should be able to hold him off.

you can, for exemple, replace thrall where purge take place and thralls will go baxk to their post later.

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