Defending thralls Ps4

I’m fairly new to all this, I am on a pvp server and my base gets raided Daily. Which is fine, it’s a pvp server but I can be on most the time during raiding hours which is fine because I can’t protect against anything myself I’m just too low of lvl. But what I don’t like is that people can get into my base when it’s closed up and my thralls and pets just stand there and raiders can just go through all my stuff it seems to me as long as they are not attacked they do nothing. If I’m wrong about this will someone please correct me or if I’m doing something wrong will someone please correct me. From what I experienced so far it would be nice if thralls/pets would attack others as if they where bumped into in the wild or at a camp as if they where npcs. Or if someone takes something out of a crafting station they attack or just some sort of idle protection. Otherwise it seems like all that work getting thralls/pets is a giant waist of time. And maybe if another form of defense could be came up with like hot oil traps or something along those lines so it’s actually tough or tougher for people to raid. It seems to me that one guy with some explosives to get through walls and doors can raid a whole heavily armed base or what would seem like a heavily armed base with ease. But I feel that if thralls/pets would actually do something it would be tougher and take a coordinated team of players to destroy and take everything. And I maybe wrong with some of this it’s just that so far it doesn’t seem to me like there is any or much of a way to protect yourself unless you are a full guild standing by everynight waiting to get raided.


This is important and should be a priority! I suggest that if thralls only respond to being damaged before they take action, that player’s characters must all emit a field of damage to every npc and guard thrall not in their own clan within a radius of a certain distance… archery range perhaps. It would be like an invisible uv light that does damages to everything it shines on. This damage would be a fraction and almost negligible. Since thralls self heal, it would heal the damage and be unnoticable, even if 10 enemies sat outside your base. Perhaps wall and other buildings block this field of damage. Once triggered, the thralls and pets attack the source.

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