Thrall and pets not attacking on pvp servers

I know there has been a few posts over the last year or two about this, but it is highly frustrating!

Why, on a pvp server, would your thralls and pet guards not attack any player who comes into your territory?!

They attack animals who come into it… but any random player who stumbles onto your base can roam freely.

I can understand the raid times as it gives people a chance to defend themselves but your thralls and pets not actually defending is absolutely absurd for a pvp server.

Can we get this fixed already so we don’t have to keep making posts about it?!

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Sounds like a PVE-C server to me. But I totally agree. Even on PVE-C during prime time my thralls should attack players.

Welcome, and good first post, indeed Thralls and Pets defenders should attack 24/7 on PvP servers, or at least, give us an option for that.

Sure thing, if they attack, they can receive dmg aswell, we should have an option to let them like that all the time if one desires. I know a lot of ppl will agree with this because they don’t like ppl spying on their defenses.

For exemple, high bases that have tactically positioned archers can’t benefit of knocking climbers down.

I just posted that thralls aren’t engaging in PVE so there must be something up

I think 24/7 thrall should be a thing. Building where people can’t climb in would prevent 90% of the offline thrall killings. Archers are exploitable because of the range deal. Need to fix arrow distance in general.

Would also like this to tie to raiding in general. Thralls right now out in the world are more powerful 1 v 1 than a player. I can kill the same thrall as an NPC in a fraction it takes to when they are enslaved. So to fix, why not the following rules for thralls:

  1. If a clan member is online, reduce their attack damage to 1/2 of what it is. HP can stay, as tank-y i can live with in general.
  2. When no clan member is online, the get their current damage now, plus 2x the HP they have. this would make them somewhat annoying to raid or kill while the clan is logged out.

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