Thrall & Pet defender attacking outside raid window, Yes or No?

I build my home, my base, I put in archers cleverly, well setted up and tactically for a efficient defense, but before the raid time, the enemy player comes, enter the area where the defenders are and can see how the defense is, getting to know how to deal with it, and even worse, the enemy player(s) can come minutes before the raid time starts, leave some bombs or traps at their feet, and bam, all the effort from the Player owner from getting the Thralls and Pets, training them, equipping, settinp up a clever defense gone, is this fair for us ?

The next update are bringing us A.I optimization for npc’s, please FC, this is a BIG one.

    1. Yes, make Thralls and Pets defenders attack outside raid hours. If I want them to be passive I’ll opt for it.
    1. No, leave the way it currently is.

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I have to admit. I laughed when I read that. Only because I would never have thought to do that do someone’s base prior to the beginning of the raid time.

I do agree that pets/thralls should be 100% aggressive 24/7. I long for the days when even a goat could not wander too close to my camp up north because archers would blot out the sun with arrows.

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I don’t think you can make them aggressive. If you do, there simply are no raid hours anymore, other than to protect structures and containers. If I walk up to your base and your pet comes to attack me, then I guess I am able to attack back? Also my pets and NPCs I brought with can also attack?

But I totally see the predicament. In war, there should be no rules. In PvP, there are always hundreds of exploits that make the game unfair for someone, which is why I will never PvP again, in any kind of an MMO environment. Just not worth the frustration.

Hehehe, yes, it is laughable because of its ridiculousness indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

I really would like to understand why they came with that in the first place, makes no sense in PvP servers. Makes Thralls and Pets useless in the open.

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They used to attack before, they changed some patchs ago and gave no explanation about it or at least I didnt see but I always read patch notes. And sure, if you came by thralls or pets outside someones base or whatever place they left, it can be killed as any other npc.

Raid hours means destructible buildings, Player owned npc’s shouldn’t be part of it.

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If you are the enemy, there should be no way you should just be able to waltz up to my base and scope out the defenses. If the thralls/pets attack outside of the raid hours (like they used to in the past) and we as players cannot attack them, then leave the area. The guards are doing there jobs! LOL


Thank you @Caco you are teh hero! If anyone else is following this closely, this thorny issue has been “backlogged” on the Trello bug tracker board for quite some time. I invite anybody with enough free time to make an account at Trello to upvote this issue and attempt to have it prioritized.

In my opinion, thralls and pets/companions are 50% of the game. To have 50% of the game disabled deliberately 16 hours of the day is the single greatest in-game obstacle to successful PVP Officials.

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Good one @Barnes , I never participated on trello but logged there (very easy and quick btw) and voted on the issue, Im surprised how ppl seem not be concerned about this, like you said, Thralls and Pets are a major part of the game, I hope FC take this in consideration making it work in the current Testlive patch.

I wish @Enyo was here as she was a representantive person about A.I NPCs overhaul, haven’t see her in a while, did she take a break from the game?

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well, part of the problem is people like me only PvE and we would never have even known that something was off, without you posting the issue on forums - and how many even read forums? I see maybe 20 regular posters and the rest probably only come here when their game is broken.

To me, there are 3 elements to playing an MMO type game. The actual intended game, the player economy/market/auction house (nope to CE for that one sadly) and the Forums.

Enough of me though - Trello should be mandatory for folks that play CE, to get their input on patch priority. We get the issues listed here and possibly a hundred people get all excited about fixing, then it goes to Trello and loses priority, if those same people don’t move over there to vote.

The non player interaction was done because people would wait for you to log off late at night, and then go in and kill all your thralls/pets, and you could do nothing about it, because RL sleep. The only way to prevent this type of offline trolling is to make thralls and pets super god like in their HP. But then they would be OP.

It is as easy as tossing 100 poison orbs over a fence and watch them die, and the loot de-spawn.
or 100 demon orbs if they have masks.

I think @Enyo is working on another project until there is enough change in Conan. There are some substantive beefs with the game that keep some people away, and for Enyo I think the AI is a severe let-down. I on the other hand have variously enjoyed my interactions with thralls. You take the bad with the good, knowing it was great at one point.

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But that actually never happened in EA. If I got so much as within 50 meters of an enemy base they’d turn me into swiss cheese. Further probing or attacks meant a declaration of war.

Changing to PVP window invited the passive attackers, which then led to advanced logging.


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