PLEASE READ! PvP need fix

My clan and possibly others are having a hard time with our pets and thralls not defending throughout the day. There is only a certain time in the day when our pets and thralls will actually guard. The other times any enemy could just walk around our bases when we aren’t on, and they aren’t attacked. Either the time frame needs to be expanded or our pets and thralls should be able to attack anyone throughout the day. It would help us feel a lot more comfortable when we aren’t online. Thank you


it was the case before, but you know what, it was also possible to kill thralls outside of raiding time :slight_smile: so will you feel safer when your enemy will be able to kill your thrall when you sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Not if they are all indoors. Perhaps during non raid hours, Thralls have super healing and an armor multiplier boost so that not even a stack of grease orbs on fire can do enough damage. It would be neat if you could assign them a post to be at during certain times of the day, and other posts during non raid hours. For example, at the start of 17:00, march out of the guard house and stand on the archer wall. At 23:00 return to home placement. This is almost doable now that thralls can be in a scouting mode. It would require a timer that allows the player to specify the start of scouting position and the end time. If one could assign multiple positions in between these points a and b; then I bet you could make patrols. Much like waypoints in strategy games like Star Craft, or Age of Empires.

The whole raid times is a broken and taken advantage frequently. They just need to apply a flag system you choose the time the day before and during selected time your in a PvP mode on the server. No more missed raid times and offline raids because you choose when you can raid and be raided. You can choose for example 4 hour ticks on a list which repeats until switched off or changed.

Yeh PVP needs to be fixed, by making it harsher. Pets/Thralls should be killable 24/7. Also they need to introduce siege ladders to bypass crenelation and battering rams to knockdown gates and walls. Foundation spam should also not be a thing in preventing PVP and god bubbles are OP if Gods are now underwhelming wastes of time.

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