23:07 official server time and my thralls are still being killed by a raid


I thought PvP hours were 17:00 to 23:00 official server time? So how do my thralls still take damage and die from attacks by raiding clan members? They were not shooting back, but they died.

I am on this stupid server where I get raided every night even though I have nothing, obviously. You get raided every night and you don’t have time to acquire anything. Still I get raided. It makes you realize how contrived Exiles is. You spend 6-7 hours minimum repairing 45 minutes of raiding damage and months replacing the dead thralls.

Trebuchet range is too far. Raiding was already too easy. I think raiders should face hidden traps and walls collapsing on them. Murder holes. Spiked pits. Pets immune to gas. Even the odds.

After the newest update thralls can be damaged outside of raidtime.

Not if your opponents know how to defend their base. A properly built base can often be defended 6v10 against good players

You ever build a base so well half the server quits upon seeing it without trying?

In their defense, we did get some choice thralls right off the bat, and was able to make a megastructure in the middle of a lake within the first 48 hours because of that.

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Not exactly like that but I’ve been defending our gutter 1v5 or 2v5 several times. They never got far.

One thing I’ve always found is you want multiple sally points. One way in, one way out gives too much initiative to the attackers and acts like a prison. Sally points allow you to take the fight to the attackers. Force the attackers to defend and they fall apart as you have more resources and such to back you up.

Yeah. Gotta do that again on our new server xD. The old one is dead now. Our enemies are paying a solo in legendaries to tell them when we are off so that they can farm xD

I am usually not online during PvP hours. ‘RL’ you know. I am mostly solo, tho I do have one clan mate who is rarely on.

Exiles bases are too easy to destroy and take too long to rebuild. Funcom needs their player grinds so in Exiles it is the build and repair of the bases. However they should take nearly as long to destroy or the game loses the players who build. Maybe not you, but average players will just go do some other game that is not so time consuming.

In my case I really have nothing besides the base and a few thralls for adventuring, but this clan raids me every night causing me to spend 5-7 hours repairing the next day, so I have quit Exiles. The imbalance is that Raids are always successful, there is no grind there, no chance of failure so the game is very contrived. Anyway, I am not building the krappy buildings that create Funcom’s gameplay in Exiles. Let them slowly rot on a dead server.

It’s just when you buy the game Funcom sells you on the idea of having a defendable base and that is a lie. All bases are meant to be raidable in about 30 minutes by design and that is the actual truth. Unless you and 5 others spend your lives in Exiles defending the base every minute of every evening. That’s just wrong by design.

That’s PVP right there. Now you’ve just got to up the intrigue and bribe a player to join them and relay info to you guys to make it interesting.

I remember when I played Archeage a while back. We had about a half a dozen spies in our own voice channels in Teamspeak. We knew they were there, and who some of them were. But we were so large, that it didn’t matter. What could they do? Tell their 20 person guild that could only get 10 online at the most we were moving 75+ to kill a boss?

Many think PVP is a player fighting another player. Maybe an occasional ‘large fight’ of 5-8 vs 5-8. That it stops when you log out. That it stays in game. It doesn’t. Sometimes you can infiltrate clans/guilds/units/whatever and work from the inside to give information or sabotage. You can get in discord channels and listen in.

I never did anything like that myself, but I’ve seen it done. What I used to do was psychological warfare. Often our guild was accused of zerging. Just throwing numbers at people. This was partially true. We had a large number of players. Of wildly varying skill levels. We had really good PVPers and not so good PVPers. So what I would do is simply acknowledge the accusations. There was no reason not to, no matter how false they might be.

But then i would reinforce it. I would post screenshots of numbers to inflate their beliefs about us. At some point I had them believing that we literally had 80% of the server within the guild. About 3,000 members. I think we had at most at anytime about 350. This caused a few large guilds to just up and quit, leaving the server. Not bad for someone who played a healer… taking out over 500 players from future fights without even having to login.

Some of you are thinking this is some terrible BS. And it was. But that game was very very cutthroat compared to other games. You had to have a thick skin in that game. Many people got their feelings hurt in some really bad ways. But I never took it personally with anyone of those. The only ‘enemies’ I knew personally was our primary rival on the other faction. I had a good relationship with their leadership (almost treasonous to some people, but screw it, if you can’t be friends with your competition, what’s the point?). They were immune to such drama since they had nearly the same number of people as we did, and they knew it. But we used to try to setup times to throw numbers at each other for some really great hundreds vs hundreds battles.

They are never gonna get interesting. We wiped them 3 times now but they are just rebuilding from their ice vaults. We are playing a new, full server till they’ve built up again, then we will wipe them again

People saying that raiding is to easy now days probably dont know how to build a proper base. There is a lot of spots you can build at to be safe from getting raided in a legit way, with other words unraidable.

Only thing you need is a repair hammer. And the reason is they destroyed it by nerfing (like always) jars some months ago.

Before u needed 20 jars to destroy a vault for example. Now u need 40-50 wich is a huge difference.

So no it’s not to easy to raid now days. Only thing u need now days is a repair hammer and some mats, u dont even need to go out fight anymore.

But ofc you need to know how to build to be able to that.

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