The balance for super-easy to raid bases WAS that you could recover any losses

So recently the game has been nerfed heavily in regards to finding replacement crafter thralls for raid losses. Named crafter thralls used to be fairly easy to find in the right spots. Now they are just not present on most trips through these locations. But player bases are still made of tissue paper and can be offline raided in 20 to 40 minutes.

So where is the balance to that? Shouldn’t player bases also be equally harder to raid? I mean you need players to build bases or Exiles dies. What if your balancing forced players to stop building the big bases? You don’t need crafters if you don’t have a large base. Right now the wisest move is don’t have a big base unless it is kept empty.

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I don’t know if it’s the wisest move but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for years on pvp officials and I survive quite well until cheaters invade the server (they can locate me and all my hidden stuff).

I build a big vanity base with only themed decorations inside, lots of crafting benches with cool looking T1/T2 thralls. I leave some good mats that I don’t need so when this base get raided they don’t get too frustrated. Frustration and rage often lead to wipe…

All my most valuable possessions are hidden and I move my safes every 4/5 days. I use bearers a lot to hide T4 crafters and dp. Hide them in the jungle, with camouflage armors lol. It’s really annoying to play like that but the only way to survive as a solo player on pvp officials.

I dream of building a fortress that can effectively protect me and my belongings though.


or you can play on a pve-conflict server and never worry about your base being destroyed, but most people who play on the server aren’t active pvpers.


A lot of PVE-C players will get really angry if attacked “without provocation”. It’s an attitude I don’t understand, since they can just as easily go to a PVE server and set up arenas using Battle Standards if that’s their style.

To be fair, a lot of PVP-ers on PVE-C servers are d-bags who will take their PVP to extremes by repeatedly ganking lowbies, or camping outside your base while you’re trying to do non-PVP stuff.

Plus, the combat is really not fun right now. It’s horse+lance+cat and whoever hits the other guy first wins.


Because most players on PvE-Conflict don’t mind pvp, just not forced / ganked. On top of that if someone were to say to start mass land claiming, or building things to prevent access to obelisks or other important area’s it helps that players can unite to get the other player to stop.

Honest question: what do those players consider to be “unforced” PVP?

I don’t generally attack first. This is mostly because the game doesn’t show you the name of the other person until you’re pretty much on top of them, and I don’t want to risk ganking a lowbie or killing someone I’m friendly with in global chat (which is usually the majority of players, because I like chatting).

But just because I don’t attack first, doesn’t mean I have any illusions about what it means to play on a PVE-C server. I’ve seen people get pissed off because someone attacked them in a dungeon, or in a vault, or in an NPC camp, or in the open – basically anywhere, in any situation. If I see you during PVP hours on a PVE-C server, why do I have to have some special reason to attack you?

Again, I don’t understand why people get pissed off if someone attacks them “without provocation”. If they want to play in an environment where all PVP is consensual, that’s what PVE servers are for. If they want to RP, there are private servers for that.

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when both parties consent is what is considered unforced. Yes pvp flags can be enabled and all that. But thats not what the people want. Plus when i first started this game i had no idea about pvp flags till later on. Plus most pve servers have many people who mass land claim. Not many is gonna pull that stunt on a conflict server.

I come from pve and I hated the pve community, so many trolls, grieffers, toxic people, kids that got smacked too hard on pvp servers. And I can’t destroy them on pve.

I thought pve-c would be the same.

I’m lucky with pvp servers, I always end up with a couple of pve players like myself who just can’t stand the trolls on pve. Solo players and small clans. We get the occasional thieves and pvp noobs but real pvp happens when a clan invade us and start to wipe all of our bases. Unless they are cheaters we usually fight them all together and cleanse the server. But sometimes we don’t have enough active players to defend a raided base and that’s how we get wiped in a couple of minutes.

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When I was playing PvE-C I did exactly this to the PvP d-bags. Camping outside their base and killing them. So the other players would not be bothered by them :slight_smile:

300% true

I have yet to understand why Funcom is not doing anything.


I still don’t get it. That is quite literally what the Battle Standards are for. That’s their sole reasons for existence, so that people on non-PVP servers can have consensual PVP when they want.

On the other hand, PVE-C servers exist precisely so that people can have a window of time during which PVP is unrestricted, but there is no base damage. It’s for people who don’t want the enforced peace of PVE, but don’t want to their bases to be destroyed.

So no, I don’t understand why people would choose a game in Conan the Barbarian franchise, choose a server with unrestricted PVP, and then try to force other players to RP their own peaceful fantasy.

If PVE-C is “not what the people want”, Funcom should pull the plug on PVE-C.

Oh, they will. You just haven’t had the bad luck to hang out on PVE-C servers with rejects from PVP servers. Every now and then, a handful of people who couldn’t hold their own on a PVP server will pick a PVE-C server and establish themselves as alpha d-bags.

They’ll do every toxic thing you can think of – mass land claiming with sandstone, walling people in, base camping, being toxic to everyone in chat, even walling people’s bases in (although that’s bannable now) – until the server is pretty much dead.

And the worst thing is that, because it’s PVE-C, there’s nothing you can do about them. You can’t destroy their claim. You can try to go fight them, but that’s what they want. They’ll gank you 5 vs 2 happily, they’ll mock you and call you names if you run away from skewed odds like that, they’ll avoid those odds themselves, and they’ll be incredibly toxic in chat if someone happens to kill them anyway.

I’ve seen all of that myself, on multiple PVE-C servers. I’m starting to think that your ideas about PVE-C have more to do with playing on a PVE-C server that is essentially behaving like a PVE server, and being lucky enough to be overlooked by d-bag trolls and griefers.


I wouldn’t touch a PvP server with a 10 foot pole. Griefing, cheating, etc…it never plays out fairly or honorably. Also, did you know you can build a PvP area on PvE servers?

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And it’s worth noting, what you (referring to @Darkzavon here) as a player want doesn’t mean that’s what people in general want. If the PvE-C mechanics are not what you want out of your game, maybe the problem is that the game mode is not made for you, rather than the game mode being flawed as a concept.

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I say it like that because out of the 6 pve conflict servers i joined, 3 being isle of siptah and 3 being exiled lands nobody liked forced pvp, no one actively pvped and if someone did they were shunned by the community there if not placed bounties.

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Yeah, I know. I’ve been on multiple PVE-C servers, too, and I’ve seen the same thing. That’s why I didn’t dispute your claim that it’s “not what the people want”. Personally, I think it’s because people don’t really understand what PVE-C means when they join it. The vast majority of newbs joining any PVE-C server I’ve ever played were people who thought it was PVE.

Whatever the reason for that, it sucks. I don’t mind people banding together to “enforce server laws” and “hand down justice” to people who engage in “unprovoked PVP”, as a form of in-game RP. What bothers me is that people actually get salty and toxic in chat.

That’s why I think there’s a problem with PVE-C. Not necessarily on a conceptual level, it could simply be a matter of implementation. Funcom did a piss poor job of explaining things in Conan Exiles. For example, newcomers to the game regularly lose their wheels of pain and taming pens because the game doesn’t explain how decay works. PVE-C is one more of those poorly communicated things and perhaps the problems with it could be solved just by improving that.

Or if it turns out it’s really not what people want, regardless of communication, then I stand by my statement that they should just turn PVE-C servers into PVE. There’s enough drama with trolls and griefers on official servers without adding drama because people don’t like the rules of PVE-C and aren’t mature enough to keep their disappointment out of the chat.

PVE+Battle-Standards should overperform PVE-C. That should be grounds to turn PVE-C back into PVE.

P.S. No need to fear the ganksters.

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Alliance PvP servers where everyone agrees not to attack one another are worse. Eventually some clan gets bored and does something aggressive. Then they get wiped. Rinse and repeat until the server is dead.


Ew. That sounds horrible.

You know what I’d love? A PVE-C server with 24/7 PVP hours and no global chat.


I don’t understand. Do you expect other peaceful clans to not react to a declaration of war ?
That’s all the fun in having peace treaties ! If someone break peace there is a reason for total annihilation aka using silly amount of mats that have been hoarded during peace time (also an occasion to see where is the threat).
In peace there is always a risk of diplomatic failures, sensitive trades and dramas between goons/leaders, and this pressure is more exciting than just plain “destroy everyone everything because peeveepee” IMO.

You’re saying it’s horrible when clans don’t want to fight for no reason and then it’s bad when they actually fight for a reason. That I don’t understand.
Or is it the idea of a total wipe that bother you ?

I’m sorry but if I have a peace treaty with a clan and they break it, that deserves a total wipe imo. An insult might just get you pillaged. If you don’t want to play smart allying yourself with other clans and still think you’re stronger enough by yourself, sorry your delusions are the problem, not the clans actually playing smart.

Wow. You sure read a lot into my post and made a couple of pretty specific assumptions about who I am as a person. I really appreciate that.

All of what you describe sounds great, but also requires a server with a fairly stable population and a community where people are somewhat familiar with each other. It also sounds a lot more like an rp server with PvP elements.

The server I’m referencing didn’t have any of that. It had a declining population as people left primarily from boredom and occasionally from getting wiped for stepping out of line.


Wow, when did I say anything about PvE-C? I think you need to start your own thread if you want to talk about PvE-C. I said crafter thralls and other items you need to rebuild a large base are now too hard to find with recent changes. Especially those crafters who grant the most desirable buffs, Shieldwrights, Bowmakers, etc.

Now in fairness if it’s harder to recover from raids it should be much harder to raid at all, not that that would make much difference with all the… you know. Well that’s not going to happen. Bases have to be super-easy to raid or the game flops. Just saying, I don’t need to build a large base. I’ll just build a couple of crafting stations here and there. That way if I lose one, there’s almost nothing lost and I don’t spend weeks building for nothing. Of course then there is no reason for raiders to play the game when they find no bases to raid.

I know Funcom was just taken over by the grind-kings Ten Cents, but with Exiles they do not understand the balance between hard to find and super-easy to raid. Just saying you can’t have it both ways and keep players. I have changed my entire playstyle with all the grind-nerfs. I refuse to build a large base on a PvP server. Waste of time.