Do all beginners get attacked like this

I have been on a server five days with my friend we was level 24 when our base got raided so we have built On a high spot on Priestkings retreat and now the same clan have set up a treb right next to us. We’re not even level 60 I think I’m done with this game it’s a joke so for the iron crown clan on 3135 Well done you’ve chased another beginner away from this game as I don’t know what else I can do anymore.I have tried multiple servers and got nowhere not even farmed a bit of star metal yet.

That’s what PvP means, mate.
If you want some casual, restricted and temporary PvP experience, i recomend to check on PvE-C servers.
Also, you can try a PvP private server, most of them are kind off restricted in the PvP aspect.


To learn some of the fundamental game mechanics, it can be indeed a good choice to play on a pve-server first. I have done that despite a lot of experience in other comparable games and it served me well. This way we were able to establish some wealth and reach the highest technical progress in peace.

But don´t get me wrong, even after that, starting new on a pvp-server means that you have to be (mentally) prepared to get raided. As long as you have NOT learned the main mechanics though, it can be a bit of a masochistic experience to play “out in the wild” because you will always be an easy target for lazy bandits!

If you don´t want to be an easy target, try to level faster without building a base. It´s quite easy if you focus on getting experience while moving over the map, slaughtering and exploring. If you start building too early, you get tied to the ground and this will slow you down.

Don´t give up! :fist:


It’s just bullying to me. Where is the challenge in taking out beginners?


I’ve tried four different servers now I spent so many hours playing and not got anywhere
I’m sorry to say I think I’m giving up

You can always look for a private pvp server that has some rules around times and how pvp can be done. Some of them only have pvp at certain times and days so gives you a chance to build up and learn a bit more about the game.

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That´s sad … Well you don´t have to play this game - but you will miss a lot. :wink:
You know that there are servers called Player versus Engine where you cannot get raided, right?

My first hardcore survival pvp game was Rust, on that game there’s no mercy whatsoever, to the point that people will try to befriend you just to get your code locks and steal your base and your stuff.

PvP survival are hard, pretty hard, but once you get over it and find your own meta or play style it’s going to be a ton of fun, and if you’re not going to give in to the toxic dark side you’ll be making some good friends, friendships forged in fire and blood :D. Like that time in southpark cartman said to kyle “if you want to make friends on the internet you got to struggle through the d14ks first”.

I, like you, in the beginning in this game was farming, building bases, getting raided, loosing everything, start over, but I like the game and love the unpredictability of real players instead of some dumb AI so I started to “study” different play style and strategies.

But if this is your first PvP survival I can understand you didn’t know what you where getting into.
I had my fair share of brutal and toxic raid, like getting bombed from under the texture of the map or to the point of getting stream sniped and managing to fend off the raid anyway but ending to loose because they knew I was out of repair materials(also their thrall glitched through a door and slayed me in matter of seconds).

If you’re realizing PvP survival games aren’t your thing there’s PvP-Conflict, is basically pve with pvp on, you can’t destroy other people houses but you can fight and battle, you can still steal stuff if chests or benches aren’t locked tough.

Good luck.


it kinda is, it’s also a common practice to steal mats from lowbies and to kill everything on sight because that’s what pvp stands for some people


How can we defend against Trebuchet? There is 3/4 guys And only two of us. We arent at level 60 so our armor and weapons are not that good. We don’t have any bombs or anything like that we are on a higher point than them that’s about it lol

There are little hidey holes around the map that cant be fired on with a treb. The jungle is full of them.


You can’t, personally when I start on a new server the first thing I do is to run all the Points of Interest to boost my experience and to get all optional recipes unlocked, and the low level dungeons, I’ll try and make a compact 2x2 with the bare minimum for iron weapons and armor, mid tier food and potions in some unsuspicious hidden spot.
Also I never build with tier 1 sandstone unless I have to line up things, always at least build in tier 2 stonebricks.
But that’s because I know every single rock by memory. It’s an unforgiving game for newcomers.
Also, make secret stashes behind like double walls, I often have my secret stashes behind the walls behind the furnaces, and I’ve already said enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another important thing, make it a priority to get a level 3 alchemist and train yourself into making orbs as soon as you can.

I have a very “gipsy-like” game style until I reach bomb level or T3 building.


Have you tried blocking the boulders with your shields? Then send one of your guys out with a good thrall and kill them and the treb.

There another clan with tow in that have done just that they got raided last night too so we can’t win either way lol

It is always hard to fight as a new player with well established veterans who have more knowledge and resources than you do. If after 5 days you are still level 24, this means that either you don’t have the time to play the game or you are very very new to it and there is nothing wrong with it.

As others suggested, start on PvE-C. You will get the sense of danger as the pvp is still enabled but at least your base won’t be wiped with 3 bombs by veterans in 10 minutes. It will give you some room to breathe and learn the ropes. Once you feel confident enough that you know what it is all about, you can go and try full pvp servers. You will then know how to power level, how to build smart, how to farm efficiently, how the combat works. At the moment you are just an easy prey.

By expecting that people will go easy on you because you are new, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment.


PvE actually stands for Player versus Environment, although, I think for what the OP seems to want, PvE-C seems more fitting than standard PvE. Just bear in mind, some official PvE and PvE-C servers have large clans that will or have blocked off precious resources.

Unfortunately that’s PvP everywhere. New players will get stomped by veterans, whether the game is chess, ice hockey, Starcraft 2 or Conan Exiles. Better players will defeat weaker players.

But there’s a flip side to this coin. Sometimes newer players somehow expect to enter a fair playing field, or even a playing field where they could win. Many budding PvPers suffer from serious cases of overconfidence, they expect to be the new alpha on the server from the start, and then get their dreams crushed by someone who really knows their way around. I learned my lesson the hard way over 15 years ago in another game - I soon realized that I had no interest in dedicating my efforts to becoming good enough to compete with the pros.

Conan Exiles has no tiered PvP system where people can only fight others close to their own level, nor is there a handicap system that balances stats and levels in PvP situations to make the field more equal. In games like this, it’s going to be a tough climb to reach the top. It’s not for everyone, and it’s certainly not for me.

But if you do manage - if you eventually get as good as the best, and start fighting them on equal terms - it’ll grant you a real sense of achievement. Just don’t expect to get there on week 1.


So Mark what is it you are looking for? you wanting a more casual chance to learn the game? or are you looking for actual PvP, because being on a PvP server that is what you will get, if you want to learn first then make sure you are joing PvE not PvP server.

If you want to learn PvP then you must be prepared to lose to more experienced players and have the will power to not give up, I had to learn this way, we all did, even the guys you are fighting now had to lose many many times before they got the experience they have. It is part of the game and losing is part of learning. If you find it is too much and you don’t want higher level players messing with you like that then play PvE-C, this means players cant destroy each other bases on that server type. Then you will learn in relative peace.

If you are afraid of drowning then don’t jump in the deep end.

A lot of players let people get to 60 before they start raiding them. And as people said, don’t get too focused on base building when you’re only 24… all you need is some weapons and armor, the rest is kind of a waste of time at that point.

Often, when levelling on a new server, i just use the furnace/crafting benches in raided bases and only build small huts to log off in.


hi, I recommend a pve conflict server if you intend to have fun without the fear of someone destroying your base, at the same time you can fight with other players from 5 to 11 pm. if you decide instead to stay in pvp do as anyone would do, build a hidden base, jungle levels where you get more experience by killing monkeys, in the meantime get the material to build an apex base in order to play evenly against your enemy.

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