New to PvP: Advice?


I was thinking of joining a PvP server online (probably official). But I’ve never done PvP at all. Is there a guide or any suggested assistance people can provide for a new player starting in PvP?

Thanks in advance!

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My best advice is to not do it. The Conan PvP community is a toxic waist land. There are some good people but the bulk of it is just Hatred and Bile.


Don’t play on officials unless you are prepared to deal with bad performance, cheaters and alphas.


Negativity aside, the thing you need to understand is that it’s a free-for-all sandbox with no rules of engagement. If they find you, they’ll destroy you.

The game, being online and always running, also favors people (and clans) with more time at their hands. Established cland have the resources to wipe you out the moment you go offline.

So if you go PvP, don’t get too attached to anything you have. Expect to return to the desert with nothing but your loincloth many, many times.

And unfortunately, as far as I know, PvP is not about players fighting other players. If they can ambush an unsuspecting victim, they’ll kill him, but otherwise they tend to avoid engaging in combat. They’ll just hoard explosives, and blow up your base when you’re not home.


Yeah, build small really really small. Don’t even stop moving. Try to make the other guy miss first. Camp the ones at every available opportunity and when it outnumbered run like hell.


i met on pvp server some of the best people from all over the world and that 50 to 60% population of pvp server, conan is not rust. the problem of conan official pvp server is not toxic community, but the use by a minority of hacks, cheats and glitchs that ruin the gameplay for other and make them quit.

but yes the best council when you start on pvp server, is build small and hidden (and you need to have at least 2 spots, so if one lost, the other will still be here). and yes there will always be minority of toxic guys.


Simple PvP is all-out battles on the officials. Players don’t like it because of the exploits that STILL EXIST. The rest of us players just work around it.

Just jump in and try it.

That second quote means the community changes and those hackers, cheaters, and exploiters are the only thing consistent and becomes the norm which turns the community toxic. There was a time where you were right, that time has long since withered and the only fruit being made there is poisoned berries.

To the OP, if you are new, go any other way outside of Official PVP servers.

I will add:

Choose your actions wisely
Expect and be ok with loss, a lot of it, by your own hand or others
Avoid alliances unless you are confident and trust the people
Be careful what you reveal
Follow the ToC
Have back up plans such as stashes
You will be found if you stay put and this is in most cases legitimate
Not everything is an exploit or hack, be careful about accusing

As others have pointed out, cheating is a huge problem that has persisted. While Funcom does eventually, for the most part, address these issues they are something you have to suffer through. Especially with hacking, it always comes back.

Private servers are an option but they come with their own caveats. Mostly in lack of population, favoritism or consistency.

Ok real talk.

As I said, build small.

As someone said, build more than 1 base.
Stop thinking of your base as home. Think of them as little shacks you construct in strategic locations simply to place a bed or bedroll and maybe a few chests while you operate in that area.

Alt accounts, have several. They don’t need to be leveled but leveled is better. Prior to the start of raid hours you are going to want clear everything important out of all of your FOB’s and get into the alt accounts inventories(body vaults). Make sure these alt accounts are hidden well and even if you are in a clan with people that you trust 100% NEVER EVER reveal the locations of your body vaults, to anyone, for any reason.

Thralls. You only want to have 1 active thrall at a time. They are weak, useless for base defense. They are liabilities at this time. Keep it set to guard you. Not guard area. Not attack all enemies. This way if another players gets into proximity of your hopefully concealed base your thrall won’t agro and start screaming and give away the location. Even if it cannot be heard by that player once it agros they will hear the thrall music and know that there is something nearby which is Agro’d in them. Still keep taking thralls and breaking them in the wheel. Put them in the bv’s. Only have 1 out at a time.

Dancers. Don’t keep it in your base. Find some bush or mountaintop nearby , place them there and have them emote into a sleeping position to further conceal them. The “entertained” status effect will give away your position if you keep them in your base.

Server selection. Honestly the more highly populated server the better. Why? Hiding in plain sight is one reason. The other is that keeps you on your toes. If you choose a somewhat less populated server then you’re going to get comfortable and lower your guard and one day soon you’re just going to lose everything.

Player builds. I’m not going to tell you how to build your character but that it is important to spend full time in an encumberance build.

Vaults. Vaults are always better than chests in a base. Most people can get into your chests inside your base with like 20 bombs. It will take no less than 50 bombs to get into any vault(without using arrows too) so play the shell game. Put like 3 vaults down and maybe split up your loot between them so they can’t get all of it and just try to keep them guessing”which one?”

The PvP. Only you know what works for you and if you don’t we’ll that’s what you’re here to figure out. Some suggestions…. Use an agility build. They are op and even the STR builds use at least 15 points in agility. So I could recommend 20 agi, 20 vit, 20 grit. Final perks….agi is entirely your choice but for vit take last stand and for grit take steel thewed.

You forgot about needing war pyramids for this to be truly effective.

While I despise the state of PVP, I can’t deny the effectiveness of it all.

And that is the main reason I left it…it lost fun with all of this. Alt accounts being needed? Really? Just ick. Just turn off the lights when it’s done.

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If you don’t mind, I will need a little more info about you. For example, in my case I prioritize two things in PvP when selecting a server: Raid Time and Playability. I study a few candidates from the Raid Region/Time Zone that best fits in with my schedule, AND select a ping that’s as low as possible. Sometimes, after joining a server I’ll find it’s glitchy or unplayable, and ask a pal to join me. If it’s OK for him but bad for me, I report it and move to another server choice. Are you willing to do that?

Second, what kind of player are you? Are you an opportunist? A Raider? Do you plan to ally with others? What are your goals?


@erjoh i am in absolute agreement with you. Remember that prior to AoS I was the person who started the thread about doing a 100% wipe of all accounts accross all servers.

But instead they made the need for bv’s more crucial and the functionality of it more complicated. It is what is. I don’t give up so easy.

But tbh @erjoh i do feel that the actual pvp fighting is better than it’s ever been , at the moment. I think the attributes could use just a little rebalancing but all in all there really is no meta right now and everyone isn’t still doing the double jumping ninja goomba.


it has nothing new, it is like that since alpha, and the second quote means there is an admin priority management problem that don’t address cheating problem in priority (and this is a just a matter of management to do)

you want me to give an exemple ? zendesk ticket for someone stealing outside pvp time inside a closed base in cavern 2 months ago (so stealing through mesh using glitch), precise time of infraction given, event log picture, id of robbers given, pic of his bed, coordinate to teleport to the closed base where the robbery occured through mesh. 2 monhts after, I receive answer no infraction from zendesk and that i should try an other gameplay mode. funny no ? but clearly showing there is a problem (personnaly i don’t care i killed the guy and obliterate his base, got back all the items and he never connected back on the server since 2 months so just stayed 2 days, but i am sure he is actually having lot of fun on all pvp and pve servers to do the same).

Advice for PVP? If you play on official don’t expect much actual PVP — the meta now is to easily farm vast amounts of dragon powder and wait for folks to be offline.

@Barnes ….just play the fkn dude. You put on a kit and go swing an axe at the other guys, it’s not that complicated. If you want less lag play another game coz this game lags, and as mentioned, it has a lot to do with glitch/cheat/exploit but also because of media sharing. You see on Xbox everyone video clips their kills and posts it so after someone has died in a few clips they need a brand new alt (why? Idfk, coz they’re fake af) bit so anyways with these new alts come new clans, new bases, new pyramids and with the current decay timers all the old ones are still there too so there is just so much claim and construction everywhere. The server I’m on now….1 group of guys has soooo many alt clans that pretty much every island in the sea and every temple in XelHa has something built in it. So many closed map rooms everywhere that won’t be used again, pyramids and traps everywhere….and they’ll be the first ones crying about lag.

so true, as sadly game balance is totally broke, other day killed a newbie trying to raid me with 600 powder on him… what kind of base we should build to resist to this ?

Body vaults? Uhhggg…

Actually as I’ve said many times, they need some sort of safe storage system that would allow you to save a limited amount of items. That would do away with the need for body vaults. Then again maybe Funcom likes the idea of folks creating alt accounts? Hmmmm…

If they don’t want safe storage (like a bank in Sep City) then allow folks to log off (and not stay in world) but get rid of the dumb current system where you can carry almost unlimited amount of items… If folks can carry only a limited amount of items then not a big deal if they log off with just a small amount of key items in their inventory.

Frustrating in that this should be one of the top games out there but rarely is it even mentioned in games lists… I blame Funcom for not being able to create reasonable balances. I’ve tried to get friends back into the game but over and over I hear folks say that they don’t want to spend hours farming mats/items just to login and find themselves naked in the desert due to an offline raid (nor do they want to have to be online every night for full raid time). I can’t blame them in that the problem has gotten worse and not better with the ease of farming vast amounts of resources (for dragon powder) and the nerfs to thralls and pets where they are no longer obstacles.

Yep I logged on earlier this week to find my base being raided by a solo. When I went out to engage they just ran off… My thought was probably a solo/newbie with a lot of DP on them. Just looking for offline bases.

Instead of a fun PVP fight it turned into just frustration with the current game balance.