It has become very easy to raid pvp bases

I’ve seen expert clans take down entire servers in less than a week and the poor unfortunates who built their base with a lot of hard work get canceled in less than an hour.

This is very true. Raiding bases is just too easy. On one instance a clan destroy our base in exactly (not exaggerating) 4 minutes and we had black ice reinforced walls. Raiding is just too easy. It has to be hard to raid bases. There is just no thrill in the process. no matter how complex you make a base, it’s just a matter of time. It really takes the fun out of creative base building, loot hiding process. It can be balanced by reducing the materials for explosive making or making the walls withstand extreme amounts of damage. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want raiding to be impossible but come on it’s a child’s play right now.


Something that may help would be to reduce the Harvesting Rate, because ×4 really makes Dragonpower for explosives super cheap.


All they had to do was making explosives much heavier and only craftable on benches.


Give explosives the loot carry animation, make them heavier too, that was it takes minutes to place a single one. And not seconds

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i actually made a mod like this.
Uswd the IMPROVED fitebowl for the mesh, retextured to black brick and volcanic ash look.

Also made DP have a decay, bombs a decay time. The DP could only be stored in a special barrel (to avoid exploit of fridge) as well to extend the decay. Havent updated or checked how popular it was tbh though

Also, the new explosive bench showed an icon on map like a T3 Altar. Signified that clan was preppong fro raiding.


Really cool, @biggcane55 !

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Yeah raids were better before , bases were bigger and bombs did less damage , now bases have to be small because of ToS and bombs have insane damage and crafting speed. All they have to do is make the crafting time longer for bombs again , 3 seconds is just to quick

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If a clan can raid easily, so can others. But do you all want to know (actually many of you probably don’t want to hear this but you’re going to anyway) why a single clan dominates?

Because of pride and ego.

When you look at once of these servers and see around 5-10 people online. There isn’t 5 to 10 people that only play on that server. When you login and look around you see buildings and activity from a much larger group of people than what is online. There’s probably anywhere from 100 to 200 players there.

A clan, even a full 10 man clan should not have an advantage over the rest of the server. But they do because of their coordination. And the lack of coordination from everyone else. But all the lone wolves and people playing with a friend or two don’t trust anyone outside their little tribe and refuse to work together.

Everyone is going on about bomb damage and ease of use. That’s irrelevant. 20 people working together and sharing resources can take out a single clan and keep them zero’d out. 4x harvest rate is 40x for 10 people. Its 80x for 20. 200x for 50.

Whenever I engage in PVP in various games it isn’t uncommon for me to be with friends I grew up with, having played video games together for 35 years. As well as friends I served in the Army with and have been playing various games online for nearly 20 years. That is a lot of time, effort, and experience. That ought to count for something, and it does. If you want to counter that level of coordination you need to swallow the pride, eliminate the tribalism, and work with others.

In 2023, we have dozens of tools at our disposal for quick and efficient communications both inside and outside the game. Even across platforms if needed. It takes a little bit of initiative, a little bit of effort, and a little bit of coordination and you can push off these types of clans or mitigate what they are capable of doing.

You don’t even need to clan up in order to make this happen. But you do need to designate groups to do particular things based on what they are good at and their activity level.

A really good question though, is why do all of you “Good and Moral PVP” players are all spread out? If everyone here is an innocent victim who plays by the rules, who doesn’t grief, doesn’t harass, etc. Why are you all spread out across a few hundred servers? Why don’t you coordinate here and pick a server to play on together and help each other when a disruptive clan shows up?

What’s wrong with playing together? I mean seriously, what did everyone else (as in people who share the OP’s complaint) do that makes it so you don’t want to play with them? I’m not saying you have to clan together (in fact not doing so gives you an advantage of not telegraphing what you are doing).


Well people do that its called a zerg . Only problem is nunbers dont really mean much on conan , it takes less people to defend than it does to attack . I have had a clan of close freinds , we have went from 10 strong all the way down to about 4 of us , still not wiped to this day , skill outmatches nunbers to a extent .

Conan is like real life , everyone wants to be at the top and the people that dont get wiped or get bored and leave . Big alliances never last long all because of how humans are . You can get along for a while , but people get bored and find new enemies.

That’s not the point @Taemien . It’s not about winning or losing or what determines it.
Fortresses should provide better protection, that’s all.
I would change so much stuff on pvp you wouldn’t imagine. But going through each point here would be like screaming to a hole, so there’s no point in it since it won’t happen anyway.


Then its a get better at the game situation? There’s nothing Funcom can do about that.

Fortresses are meant to come down. In the very first videos of this game it showcased entire settlements being wiped out in a matter of minutes.

I think the issue you have is that a building should last days, months, or even years. But the game was never designed around that. It was at its core designed for buildings to go up and down throughout a week. There’s a reason why PVE-C exists.

If you PVP, you should be prepared to lose everything at any moment and not get attached to what you’ve built or collected. Everything found, obtained, crafted, or stolen on a PVP server belongs to the server as a whole, not to the individual. If you lose something, its because at that moment in time, someone had more determination (the sum of all skills, resources, wit, will, and friends at that moment) than you did.

If that isn’t fun, in its current configuration. Then you have server settings that will give you what you probably prefer. How much more resilient do you think buildings ought to be? 2x? 4x? 8x? There’s a server setting that controls that directly.

FC servers set it to default because they wish to provide that experience. I get that you wish to change that experience on those servers, but there are some who do like that setting right where it is. There’s a ton of server settings changes -I- would like for those servers to have for me to have the experience -I- want. But I don’t press for that. I can simply play on a server with the settings I like. I urge you to do the same.

Which I find stupid in the extreme.

lol. i see skill and Coordination given on how to play pvp. All BS. Its literally only about time. Play 8-10 hours a day and be on at raid or dont play pvp raid at all. There is no balanced in between back and forth style. Offlining rewards those with time exponentially more, thus either you “no life” it or move on to other games. And FC really doesnt care, as 3+ years ago i realized it is a building/hoarding simulator with light rpg and laughable survival mechanics.

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No. Nothing like that. Fortresses should be breachable.
As I said, I would change a lot. I don’t like how pvp is designed.


Designed is giving too much credit to the devs lol.

I think they didn’t antecipate the result of their pvp system and mechanics that being one of the reasons why pvp is such a mess, @biggcane55 . Then they tweaked it until this day, while it needed a complete rework.

I won’t say I disagree with this. But I doubt we’ll see a system along those lines anytime soon.

There’s quite a few server settings that disagree. They’ve designed a good system, they just for whatever reason don’t want to use it in their servers. Most of the issues here are configurational issues.

Neither do I. Ever. That’s why I don’t even develop this conversation. I’d already be happy if Icould find a good pvp active server for PS5 in the EU zone. When I play pvp, my mentality is that I’ll wake up in the desert many times. I just go there to fight. :smile:

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What the mythical DbD? That shipped sailed long ago. Design means they would have had a flow chart that created warlike politics for a fun way tp pvp. They just left it at wipe or be wiped since day 1.

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