It is WAY TO EASY to raid a base

This game is simply not playable. Not if you are not with 5 friends and you are perma online in raid time. Solo i can farm kinda fast a shitload of explo and raid / destroy every base if their owner isnt online for 1 or 2 hours.

So people are forced to build mage bases, which your admins delete on will.

And yes i played the game, got like 5.300 hours. I know what i am talking about.



Hm, I know bombing is easy since all the new noob friendly perks that got added to the game. Since people just run around undisturbed placing bombs with last stand, double jump or what ever.

They need to change the perks, make the game more skillbased again, add consumables instead of perks that healing you, I mean some (!) people complained about no animation healing before, its must be worse now Since you dont even need heals with glutton kinda. Bombs aint a problem in itself just the changes they did to them in 3.0 that makes them stronger than before.

The path they decided for the game is sad. Changing core mechanics once/year. Since beginning you pretty much had the same game between 2017-2019. After that they pretty much changed the direction of the game 1-2 times each year.

So guess you will have to live with easy raiding for a little bit longer. :slight_smile:

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Or you know, maybe not having 4× Harvest Rate on official PvP would make farming bombs a bit more tedious eh?


X1-X4 or x10 just makes it slower/faster to farm.
Just takes a little bit longer.

Higher farmrates is a good thing to have in PVP servers for several reasons.

One of them is for example, easier for people who got wiped to start over and reset.
Also makes solo/2-6 ppl clans easier to have keep up with higher populated clans.

Bombs is not a problem if they worked properly but like anything in this game they have pretty much screwed it up. Bombs worked totally fine before 3.0, and when 3.0 launched they dont.

So pretty much Funcom in a nutshell.

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How much resources do you need to build a T3 base?
How many do you need to craft 100 Dragonpowder?

I think it is much easier to farm construction materials than dragonpowder in general, but you don’t need to keep farming more building materials than what ×1 Harverst Rate gives you, so ×4 Harvest Rate amplifies Bombs but not Bases much.

You’re right about re-building fast though :+1:

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If you get wiped you need to farm building mats again.

Bombs, you need sometimes 500-1000 or even more sometimes to actually wipe a proper build base, especially if people is online fighting you back.

Problem is, it’s way to cheap to repair bases and way to easy.

First they can increase the repair cost and people will need to farm buildmats even if they dont get raided.

Making harvest rates lower will just simply make people quit rather than keep on trying. So having higher rates is good to make people stay on a server.

You want to be able to farm 1 day, build base, and then get to action. Not farm 5+ days as a solo-3man clan have fun 1 get wiped and then 5+ days again of farm.

Can already do that with ×1 Harvest Rate, and have enough leftover materials for repair :eyes:
Edit: Unless you’re using Stone Tools, then yeah you need ×4 Harvest Rate :rofl:

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Solution based on what you two are talking about is regular wipes, X1 and DBD.


Increase repair cost instead.

X1, DBD, regular wipes wont make bombing harder.

Solution is make it harder for people to run around and spam bombs. Wich is remove/nerf some of the stupid perks they added in 3.0, simple as that. Since bombing was not a problem before 3.0 in my opinion

I think that they made some good changes to make it easier for new to server and newer players.

I think of course they should remove the distance of placement.

But you have large clans holding onto the last bastion of a forgotten war with stores of DP, mats and BVs that make it unbelievably harder for anyone to take them down. 1 message in Discord and everyone comes back for… “Action”.

So sure, maybe some changes but I see why they made it easier in some respects.

They also totally screwed up with x4, this is why it is pronounced. On top of it, AoS and AoW purchasing tar!?

Like no, get rid of that.

offline raiding killed any joy playing any pvp server. years ago when i tried to build anything the moment i logged off base gets raided event logs showed they waited until i logged out and broke everything never once have i found anyone raiding a base that had a player that was online :face_with_head_bandage: and what little i have seen just scouting a few servers both official and private is offline raiding is the way to play with how brain dead the thralls AI is now i could raid a base with with stone gear and most of the time get in and out without fighting any player or thralls and not need to blow anything up and not trying to troll anyone i left any gear/mats i got in a container in the base i raided and just left the server

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I disagree. Beeing able to practically craft unlimited amounts of bombs is a problem. Higher droprates are a problem on pvp too.

I had bases in the past with chests full of dragon powder. And that just with x2 or x3 on servers. We could have not just raided the entire populated server we where on with it, but 20 other servers too. No one can tell me that beeing able to produce hugh amounts of bombs so easily is healthy for any pvp server unless their are enough counter measurements in place.

  • Legendaries not repairable
  • A lot of other weapons completely nerfed or unbalanced
  • Thralls and animals are beeing too week and dumb to protect your base
  • People can use magic to get anywhere they want to
  • Offline raiding without penalties
  • No real trap mechanics etc. pp.

This game should get different kinds of explosives that do different things to the different building parts and Tiers. They should use harder to get materials. And the higher the damage the more cost intensive and time consuming to make they should be. So therefore people can not just go around the whole server and bomb every base away in a couple of days. Instead have to choose one carefully and prepare for the raid.

A base has certain functions and therefor shouldn´t be so easily destroyable as it is now. Raiding has become so incredible easy and predictable, therefore people body vault everything away.

Raiding doesn´t even feel like an accomplishment anymore, because its so easy. Its pushing the ego for a short amount of time, surely. But its nothing that lasts very long. People just rushing from raid to raid and thats it. It can not replace those epic fights we had when we first played this game years back. We battled and raided for hours. And when we didn´t succeed we came back some days later and tried again. The feeling of beeing able to finally break into the core of the base was better then every loot you could get. And if you know as a defender you have a chance of holding those base it also does feel like an accomplishment.


Played on servers back in the days and had vaults with bombs/dp. So its just more grind.

10mans will always have benefit. But higher rates gives smaller clans a chance to keep up. You wont be able to nerf “bombs” with lower rates.

And with lower rates it will be the same. Just the change it smaller clans dont have the chance to farm enough before getting wiped again.

I dont get why people playing PVP want more grind less fun. :slight_smile: instead of less grind more fun. Its pvp after all.

x4 is good. And not the problem, x4 does not change the mechanics of bombing. I can agree that the distnace placing bombs is to much. But without changing double jump and last stand, it will still be possible to run around and spam,bombs undisturbed

The rate of which you can acquire the mats and produce bombs has not changed other than the increase in gather rate and the acquisition of tar via Mek’s spire. Addressing the ease of which you can get bombs is hinged on those 2 factors. Nerfing bombs/perks/increasing building health won’t make it harder on larger clans that have the numbers, resources and time. It will only make it harder on smaller clans.

Increasing the difficulty of bombs, whether it be gathering, producing, it’s affect, increasing building health, et al, is literally increasing the grind regardless.

This why I am saying wipe.

Yes, of course, a larger clan will always have the ability to get resources quicker if they know what they are doing. Same can be said for smart solos, duos and smaller clans though.

What the issue is that some of these clans, reduced often down to 1 player refreshing, has access to hoarded resources. Some years upon years because of BVs. DP sure, but more so building mats.

I have many BVs, some are the quick “get up and go” and everything to start at meta. Some are literally just building or raiding mats. You know what this means.

Wipe it all out. Let everyone start from the beginning freshly on 3 month intervals with the new ages. No more dragon hoards.

It could reinvigorate many players. That race to get the resources and establishment going, who gets there first, who is smartest and ready first to assault or defend.

The anticipation alone is what I look for in my gameplay. That’s me if course, but it tickles my brain which means it probably does the same for others too. I miss the days of weeks/months long wars.

Messing with perks again is just asking for more punishment. We’re already being curb stomped here.

The issue is it is way too easy to raid OFFLINE bases. The game wants you to actively defend, and it’s fairly balanced in that sense. The issue is offline bases the thralls are beyond useless.

Thralls in PVP are useless because of general thrall quirkyness combined with the ninja roll meta makes them miss 99% of the time. Archer thralls have never worked correctly and are just free kills.

The fix for this isn’t easy because AI doesn’t seem to be a concern for funcom. But making thralls more deadly to players is probably the best solution. And maybe even adding a “builder” thrall type that will repair for you until they run out of materials.

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X1, DBD and regular wipes would solve so much on PvP servers.

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Reason they should fix some perks is both because they make no sense. And that they allow you to bomb undisturbed. That’s a thing that has been changed since 3.0.

I have played on several privates but also officials. And the rates is not the reason bombing is easy. It’s not the amount of bombs someone have that is the problem.

And btw, this is actually the same as “the perks are fine” FUNCOM is not the best at introducing balanced stuff into the game. Perks is not perfect, they not even good balanced. They pretty much makes people dont have to think.

There shouldnt be a perk for example that let you run around spamming bombs and when u 50% u have 5 seconds no one can kill you and get to safety. 5 seconds is a pretty long time to be untouchable. And 95%dmg reduction is a joke.

Hey I agree with you about how the perk system went into the trash come AoS. It’s made PvP a disaster. Now the stam changes :confused:

One of my long time clan mates cannot stand to even try anymore and afaic they are an extremely skilful player to the point that I have been astounded and watched them rise up. Now nothing. They do not have the will.

The fact that you can pick up building pieces at all, can’t even roll bombs anymore, Last Stand, everything. The survival aspects of the game have all but disappeared. There is little punishment in making mistakes and everything is too frikin easy.

Dynamic building damage being ignored, the culture of offline raiding, the longstanding clans that call a server “home”, all of it. Then the damn hacks and exploits.

I’ve taken a huge step back in terms of playing regularly. Like many others I was there, day in and day out on high pop servers raiding and defending. Now those high pop servers are plagued by a few powerful clans that use hackers, exploits and crash the server to prevent progress of others.

It sucks.

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This would also fix bomb PvP.

Also disabling building placement during a raid is important. So no spam replacing.

Perks need a rework. With last stand you can survive 10 bombs detonating next to you.

DBD to prevent full offline wipes.

And regular wipes. Every 3 months is a good start.

But Funcom do not play PvP/Raiding. They do not test PvP/Raiding. They do not analyze how their game is played on PvP servers. All they do is react to single player feedbacks without understanding the big picture. Why? They do not care. They want to milk as much money from the players as possible with Conan. And PvP is not the target group.