Explosives are hurting this game's growth!

Blowing up people’s bases and taking all their stuff when the person is OFFLINE is NOT PvP, it’s being a ****.

No matter how much you build, no matter what tier foundations/walls you use… if someone has enough explosives, they WILL get in, and you WILL lose everything.

I know many people that love this game, yet left because of this nonsense.

The icing on the cake is when people make multi level deep bases, and Funcom cries foul, and blows up their base LOL

You are stagnating your own game with this overpowered explosives crap.

I am about to be one of them. Sick of logging in naked and my base empty.

It happens every weekend in the middle of the night, while offline.

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Actually, that’s exactly what PVP is in Conan.

I don’t enjoy it, so I don’t play PVP in Conan.

And, as is evidenced by the chart below, I am concluding the Conan PVP model has not killed the game.

Pvp in a nutshell. Play pve-c.


This game should have many more people playing it than an all time peak of 50k and an average of 15k.

The game is amazing.

The constant griefing is not.


While I understand it’s a complaint so we’re supposed to be all dramatic about things… but this is still kind of funny literally a few hours after the developers had a stream and said that the game is doing much better than they ever dreamed it would and there are SOOOO MANY new players it’s insane :smiley:

So yea… might have to work on that timing a bit :smiley:


It’s being a bully in the bigger picture. TOS doesn’t stop bullies unless they are caught. After many of my bases destroyed, I noticed how the tides turn. Sometimes you cannot fight back with explosives, so you must make your case at that point. Remember, the solos are studying their prey and those that prey on others. Got to be clever for a solo to haul that many bombs and heals.

Well, they said it, so it must be true!

I mean, they aren’t going to come out and say “we think much more people should be playing, but dunno why”. They are always going to paint a nice beautiful picture.

Stick to making your little mods, Xevyr.

The part where Den said wiping is bad because of you take everything from a player, they are more than likely to quit. So having a pvp mechanic that essentially wipes pkayers for taking a day off is exactly the same. The OP is over exagerating, but the point is Dens own words suggest offlining wiping will drive some players away. So hopefully the age of war will address offlining somehow.

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No, you’re right… I’m sure they’re lying about it and that you have way more accurate data from your little server :slight_smile: Obviously, no?

I will, among other things :slight_smile: You also feel free to stick to making ridiculous posts on forums and whatever else it is you do because PvP isn’t the way you personally think it should be seeing as that is the most important metric, you being the center of the universe and all :man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure Dennis meant that in regards to PvP servers though, seeing as it’s part of the game-mode to accept loss of items and other property. So I would bet money on the fact that when he said that he was thinking of PvE servers mainly.
However, they’re all sort of bundled under the same umbrella, which is a fair point… We’ve said it many times that they should make more of an effort to differentiate between PvP and PvE rules / server settings / etc.

Edit: Oh and also just to clarify… I am also of the opinion that offline raiding is horrible and I was advocating for offline protection and similar ideas many times. So I do understand the concern, I was just poking fun at the exaggeration that you also pointed out…

It’s one thing to say… “Here’s some feedback: I dislike offline raiding”… and a completely different thing to try to come up with ridiculous overdramatized scarecrow catch-phrases like “The game is dying” or “You’re hurting your player numbers”… when first of all that’s clearly not the case and second the personal feedback would be worth so much more… like the devs are not idiots… so they’re not going to fall for these types of manipulation tactics :stuck_out_tongue:

Show me where I am overexagerating, please.

You’re very hostile.

I guess we know your inventory is full of explosives.

No I’m really not, I pointed out that it’s slightly funny and ironic you making a thread of how the game’s growth is hurt when I just heard the lead designer say the opposite…
That does not mean I disagree with your point on explosives, I merely commented on the doomsday scenario part.

And then you came and told me to stick to making mods :stuck_out_tongue: That imo was way more hostile.

I know it was meant for pve, but what is good (or not good) for goose, is good (or not good) for the gander. My point is that internally they know losing everything is a negative to the point of losing some players, yet they wont address the pvp side where they make it the main way to play on pvp officials.

Personally I found it a bit lacking that when asked about PvP specifically all they had to say that there’s going to be some siege engine reworks down the line… like… okay :smiley:


That’s fair, I guess.

That was after you came at me first. Don’t get mad at the reaction to your snark, bro.

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Yeah very vague. From history, it will be a mechabic tweak, but essentially still not address the pvb v pvp imbalance.

I guess it wasnt necessarily an over exageration now that i have read it a few more times. Sorry. But as a pvper who feels like you do, i know when we post about hurting the game, it is assuned as in killing it. You stated exactly how I feel, it has stagnated pvp.

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I honestly believe if they nerf explosives, or remove them outright, then this game’s population would explode (pun intended), as it should.

The game is amazing. It’s Top 2 issues holding it back are the explosives nonsense, and the server issues.

Again, not really the explosives. It is the ability to raid with little to no resistance offline clans. Defending thralls are easily exploited and avoidable as you just eat cheetos and place bombs non stop.


Oh I just had a random idea on that note :stuck_out_tongue: They could rework offline protection to have a time curve to it and enable it on officials…
It might be the perfect middle-ground.

What do I mean by that? Currently the number one complaint about offline protection is that once offline and protected the base could be host to alt characters not in the clan so they would be stocking up and raiding from a protected base.
So what I would do is offer the offline protection, but after a time period (idk, like a day or two) your base would no longer be immune and would start becoming vulnerable to damage, but only a fraction of it, like still have 90% damage reduction… over time though it would fade, requiring the owners to log in sort of like what you have with decay anyway.
(in which case offline protection would ofc be disabled and they would be raidable as normal, including for half an hour after logging off)

That coupled with 24/7 raiding should give more of a feeling of PvP while also providing a pretty reasonable protection against offline raids.
Anyway, just a random thought so I threw it in here :smiley: Feel free to suggest it to Funcom