@Funcom, we need more offline Protection

Hello I have some thoughts on the existing PvP system made and the possibility of how easy it can spoil the fun of offline players.
To date, Funcom has failed to provide a satisfactory solution there.

Personally, I play on a private PvE-C server moderated by admins. Damage to the building is only possible on weekends from 17.00-0.00. Offline raids are prohibited and will be punished with a ban.
That’s all well and nice and gives you a certain security, but this is not 100%.
I’m one of the people who also have to work on the weekend afternoons. Thus, I can not defend my base, except for the Thralls.

Given the upcoming changes to the thrall system and the overwhelming power of explosive vases, demonfireorbs, exploding arrows etc, I would appreciate it if Funcom changes the offline mechanics in favor of the player.
The building in raid times, with offline players after a certain time simply immune to any attacks and thus can not be raided.
This would be more than fair to the players who can not be online during the raids.

Do not get me wrong, I love PvP.
I have spent many years in high-level DaoC playing PvP in a home group and solo, in WoW and in various other games as well.
At the heart of everything in Conan Exile, however, is to make it too easy for players to spoil the fun of offline gamers who have absolutely no opportunity to defend their base or actively engage in a fight because there are things in the club that are more important such as one has to work during the raid times.

Here’s a link to an interesting video that Funcom likes to watch, there’s a lot of good ideas that you can easily implement instead of launching the next buyable DLC without real Problems.

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How about after being offline for 30 minutes your thralls become elite versions of themself oneshotting(or a significant boost to all stats at least) any tresspasser while you are offline. That should make it a little harder to do it.

Terrible idea

How about u become more active or get clan members that can be on for u

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First thing i have to add is anyone that says explosive arrows are overwhelming has never used them.
2nd, u must not play many open world base building games like conan.
I say this because games like, Ark, DayZ, 7 Days To Die, Atlas (all games i have played) all feature 24/7 raid times. As far as i know, Conan Exiles is the only open world base building survival game that features a raid timer.

This is why the clan system is implimented, for people to team up and help eachother out.
Conans raid time system is excellent and i recommend putting in the effort to make friends and build a clan.

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