Offline raiding pls fix

ok so im tired of logging in on raid time just so i can make sure i dont get raided right? one day i decided to play another game because conan will literally force you to play raid time to prevent offline raiding then next day EVERYTHING WAS GON! someone with a chinnesse name then changed it to B…this person was like 3 days in the server and had enough bombs to destroyed a t4 castle 40 30 max level thralls…So i can see why people dont like this game for pvp…also there is still a bomb dupe glitch going on too…thrall so nerfed that they cant defend against 2 enemies…can we PLEASE disable offline raiding until we can tweak and fix this problem??there just no way one person should be able to do all of that…having more thralls than 2 is basically useless and a waste of time when leveling them to 20 just so they can all die…they all had gas mask too so i just cant stress enough


Have you considered playing on either:

  • PvE-C, with no raiding
  • Private servers with DBD
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try to play in an pve server or rp ?

I’m sorry you had to go through that. While there are some decent strategies to keep your stuff safe, it’s all a risk and since online defense is so overpowering against attacking, (IE repair is significantly better than any damage) the only way people raid is through offline anymore. Basically what the others are saying is your best option right now. Official PVP is just offlining and timekilling to prevent offlining.



PVP servers offered by Funcom are just PVp (Players versus pixels). They’re not going to turn on DBD because if targets have to be online to raid, the servers will likely crash (once they have more than 5-10 on the regular) and then no one can play.

Online raiding isn’t something Funcom provided servers are capable of doing. Its an impossibility. Its never going to happen.


Why does this sting more reading it vs just naturally understanding it?


I wish there was a magic answer that would make everyone happy. If only the devs would take a deep dive into pvp and brainstorm up a good idea.

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If only Funcom would simply click the box next to enable DBD on some of the official PVP servers (like they initially said they would do)…

Maybe Taemien is right i.e. their servers can’t handle real PVP action.


Yeah. I’d never considered that before but he’s probably right.


Would explain a lot actually


I honestly thought the flag system would address this. I probably misunderstood it.

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I would point out that it is a theory at best. But here’s my line of thinking. They’ve said in the past that they didn’t turn it on because of some issue with it that needed to be worked out. But I’ve never heard of any issue of servers running it. For a while I thought it was because of how offline protection can be exploited.

Well… there’s several games that have it, and they all have those exploits with it. Its not a glitch or software workaround. Its just the nature of the system. Kind of like the 5 hour raid window, you can check an enemy every day and just nail them with everything you have on the one day they don’t log in. DBD has something similar, but instead of 5 hours, its 30 minutes (or whatever its set to) after the clan logs off.

Its present (I’ve been a victim of it) on other games. But its not actually that bad. In my personal issues with it, I’ve only ever had to repair superficial damage. Annoying, but not wiped to the ground like you see on raid window servers.

So that really can’t be it. But then I got to thinking. I’ve been on some beefed up private servers where there has been some heavy raiding. Like 20 on each side for both attackers and defenders. And even normal running 60fps at 50+ player servers will see a drop when there’s dozens of trebs and frequent explosions on large structures. Still very playable, but you can tell something is happening even if you’re not in the area.

Now when you look at a typical provided server that has over 20 people online, then put them all in a single base location fighting, blowing up building pieces, and generally causing a lot of load on the server. Will the server crash? Probably.

DBD on means you must wait for an enemy to be logged in. An enemy knowing they are vulnerable when they login may only do so when they have all hands on deck. If that becomes common practice (hint, when games use offline protection, it is), then the strategy is to at least meet their numbers or more when you raid them to have a chance at breaking in.

Thats just something I don’t believe those servers can handle. The question is, does Funcom feel the same way? Well if they did, I don’t think they’d be willing to admit it openly. Hence ‘its turned off because of underlying issues with it.’

I could be wrong. But I could be close too.


Yeah interesting theory.

I’ve wondered the same as to why not just implement something that they developed (and at one point even made a big deal of/announcements). Your theory could explain it.

On the other hand they may have just listened to the minority of “hard core PVP” gamers (who mostly are gamers who really want to avoid actual PVP…) who insisted that it was a bad idea…

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, folks are all for “hard core PVP” when they are winning (and often offlining bases) but as soon as they get wiped they rage quit and thus the game population dies (I’ve been in such clans and have seen it firsthand multiple times). These type of games need a balance whereby you can’t lose hours or days worth of gameplay/farming so easily. Either need a DBD type system or some sort of bank/safe storage system.


Just in case,
Conan Exiles 101 -
#1 don’t play on officials

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Problem isn’t off line raiding. Problem is roving clans of people using the dup glitch to make ungodly amount of bombs and erase every major structure on any given server.

My favourite pastime atm is building empty bases on official servers, then logging in next day to see logs showing someone spent 1 hour+ offline raiding it for zero loot :slight_smile:

PS. I sometimes leave a single ‘salt’ in the last chest.


Haha that is a good one :slight_smile:

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