Offline Raiding Problem

There’s always been an epidemic of offline raiding in Conan but now with the future removal of god bubbles it’s only going to be worse. It’s not PvP when every time you go to work you get raided. Either implementing dynamic building damage on official PvP or creating new servers that use it will help significantly to stop players that are too scared to fight you when you’re online.

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Frustrated. I suggested in another thread to have a plugin that calculates raid-performance.

I won’t say they won’t change settings in the future. But in everything I’ve seen about the subject comes across as they do not wish to provide servers with DBD turned on. The reasoning has always been a bit vague, and thus speculated to hell and back in various other threads.

But the end result is the same, if a server doesn’t have the settings you want, you have to find or create one that does. This is for all the settings, not just DBD.

Funcom has very little interest in providing a fourth set of servers.

So far and if they still wish to continue company supported servers (officials) into the future. Jury is still out on whether this is still the case.

Maybe you’re just on the wrong server. If you consistently have to go to work during raid hours then find a server where the raid hours lineup with your game time :man_shrugging:

Or he can just level up a horse and raid you.with it :wink:

#True#OP#Horses will survive the death of Conan:Exikes

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