Dynamic Building damage

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Is the dynamic building damage setting working as intended.

And if not, where is it as far as priority for fixing.

And if yes, then will it ever be rolled out on official pvp servers?

If it does ever get a roll out, I suggest following set up…
have 5 days be 24/7 raid with DbD, 1 day current 5 hour window, then day after that no raid for farming rebuilding. And have servers have the window/rebuild on different days. Allowing players to choose a server that has the window and rebuild on days that fit thier schedules. This I believe would help boost server pops. Just my humble 4yr opinion.


Yeah, would like to see this rolled out.

I would adapt the PVE-C to this over changing PVP or just generate a new server category for this.

Maybe this instead. PVE (only NPC damage), PVE-C(player to player damage but no structure damage, PVP (player to player damage and timed and controlled structure damage potential …what you are suggesting), and PVP-X (24/7 player and structure damage) . I understand what you are saying but your suggestion will put me out of playing as I just view it as a slightly more aggressive PVE-C. Give me some option here, man.

Maybe they could spin up a single server to gauge the level of interest. I’d certainly give it a whirl if they did. I played on a private server that had DBD on and from what I could tell there was hardly any raiding. But, the population was also pretty low so it probably wasn’t a good test.

The option was programmed and listed for the reason of some protection against offlining . Turn it on officials as it was designed to be done or give a concrete reason why you will not @funcom .

I believe they said there is ways to exploit and abuse the system which is why they left it off as they work to fix it.

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Any eta on that fix? The last information I saw was a very long time ago.

Not to my knowledge but I’m not paying much attention to it since i’m not invested in it, obviously.

So you don’t play Conan exiles noted. Remember without other players this game will not remain . You do know that right ? If you don’t now you do.

No not Conan. I play tons. It’s the DBD that I’m not that into. If they turn it on, ok but it looses something big time for me. I like the risk that each morning log in and could see myself is the desert. I don’t play on a consistent time and most of my nights are with the family. I might as well do PVE-C with the DBD turned on.

I miss Mayham, but aside from a private server this is unavailable. :frowning:

It sounds (or reads) like you want no part of combat, but love to blow stuff up. The problem is, is that is all there is left as a playeebase on pvp officials. Hence the low pop. This game is so great when there are actual attack and defending clans, but so many burn out when they realize if they even taken1 freaking day off, they could lose entire builds and inventory. so they quit after 2 or 3 days of fighting, and move in to other more player friendly combat pvp.


Cutting off resources is the main part of the game. Blowing stuff up? Yeah not my cup of tea either. Destruction and killing characters are just means to an end. Cutting off resources of opponents is all that matters. Don’t get me wrong…I love the idea of clans attacking and defending…but removing the threat of offlining makes PVP into PVE-C…by choice I get involved vs being thrusted into the mix and involving yourself or perishing.

How about no? I don’t go pooping in your bowl of porridge, stay out of mine :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t. How about you come play PVE-C for a while? Maybe that will keep you from saying stuff like that.

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I did play in it. Got a nice castle and everything…and was bored. Building with no potential of destruction is boring for me. My builds gotta be able to do more than just look good and fend off purges (which in Siptah isn’t even needed as you can pay the essence to lower the purge meter).
For me the two equate because the best option for defense in DBD world is to simply not log on for a few hours. This means it’s PVE and since I can still get player combat…PVE-C. Sure the flavor is different in PVP vs PVE-C but I would wager that PVP would adapt PVE-C flavoring when DBD becomes active. The differences in player styles and building is directly linked to the amount of risk that is out there. With risk that can easily be avoided to the point of none existent, then it turns into something else…the only thing I think that would make this DBD different than PVE-C is your remove the raid time limits…if anyone is on at any time of day, you are vunerable to attack. That I can play and feel the rush.

No, don’t believe me ? Peruse the ToS for the details.

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Not that way. That’s just unsportsman like. You take out the stores and the manufacturing. That is part of the game that the ToS supports.

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Agreed. Yeah, you have to break the bank and the tools to stop or atleast slow the machine.

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And solo players…the only option you got for success of a real threat is offlining. Yeah I know there are stories of 1 person taking out a clan of 8 and blah blah blah. But seriously…do you think I’m concerned about a group of 8 that can’t organize to take out one player? Now a clan of 4 hardened players…yeah I can’t do that.

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gods my friend , gods. Great for solo if you are fast and know the terrain . Placement and knowledge of the area is key.