Dynamic Building Damage 30 min

hey the 30 min is way too long need be around 5-10min

30min is alot when you log out befor yours base cant be raided . you can like wipe any bases in 20-30 with big clan even 15min

The best is to turn off building damage and put all servers PVE.

First a PVP server with only 6 hours of raiding time per day is already not really a PVP server.

But now with this Dynamic Building Damage who will be abused like crazy, it is no more a PVP server.

Ark and Rust have 6 times more online players on steam with full 24/7 building damage …

if you are 0 lifer and can play rust 24/7. we have work too do and family and when you are offline not so hard wipe ppl hard worker when im online dosen mater if im 24/7 online i can defance my base very good but when you go work and come home OHJJHHHHHHHHHHHH u are wiped by a noob and all hard work is gone for a noob offline raider man you need understan. this point too


I respect that, but then play PVE or RP private server and do not ask to nerf PVP servers if you can not be online.

I respect that too but i want raid too they need make 2 server one for hardcore one for like us i dont want in pve server and conflic i can play 3-4 hours a day not cant be online all time and i want raid with my friends so they need fix a rust server setting for ppv want 24/7 pvp

… and rust has invented cctv cameras and other technical devices to detect an intruder - now you can actually check those systems from a smart phone app. If this is the way to go, I don´t know …

conan was unique, because this game was allowing to solo player or little clan to be able to survive on pvp server, and it was very tough, but now that is killed, and conan will become as toxic as rust, with big clan trolling and abusing new player and little clan (but the problem is that conan require a lot of grint, so all the eco system of conan will be killed, because those who were farming and feeding all system will play to another game). i was not playing ark or rust or atlas for a reason, they are killing conan, they should call the expansion clan war, and good bye conan. conan do not even warn you when you are raided…you have to check manually event log.
imagine you start conan, farming as mad outside pvp hour and in fact you are raidable by big clan because you are online, what will happens ? you conenct and farm only sunday ? good luck to new player, they were not staying long but if they are raided after 2 hours of play they will quit quicker.
this change is done by someone who never played on a pvp server of conan. advice of someody with 8k hour on offcial pvp playing for 3 years.

I agree, this is why raid time must stay like before. 17/23, 7 days a week. with offline raid protection from 23h to 17h the next day. Then you can sleep the night and work the day, it is a good balance.

I am a solo official PVP player.

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yup that the best compromise, otherwise will be a disaster.

Here’s how I feel about Dynamic Building Damage:

This is a feature Conan Exiles has DEFINITELY needed.
It will essentially kill offline raiding.

Game companies SHOULD be making games that are fun to play, but don’t require players to sacrifice their real lives to make and maintain some semblance of progress in the game. This change will restrict the raid window to the weekends (when most players have some free time), and any time a player is online. This change will mean that players won’t feel obligated to be online during weekday raid windows, as (This can put undue burden on people with adult obligations). Having to be “On Call” every weeknight to make sure your don’t lose hundreds of hours of hard work isn’t the most fun.

That being said. I have some concerns:

  1. @azaroth makes a good point that Dynamic Building Damage allowing buildings to be damaged whenever a player is online does allow new players to have their buildings ROFLstomped by larger clans any time they are online. With the current system, newbies have at least a certain window in which they KNOW they cannot be attacked. This is helpful for allowing solo players to not be immediately crushed. I do think that this is less of an issue however, as I believe that the game is intended to be hard, and it should be expected in a survival game that you need to hide your base and not put “all your eggs in one basket”.

  2. I find that because of the point made in #1. That moving the raid windows to the weekends AND having Dynamic Building Damage (DBD for short) enabled will result in much longer raid windows, which may make it much harder for new players to get established. I personally think that the solution to this may be to either completely remove, or seriously restrict (maybe a couple of hours a week), the raid windows when DBD is enabled. That way offline raiding (+or- DBD Time) is eliminated, but any time you are online it is GAME ON.

In response to OP, I think that 30 minutes is probably about right. I think slightly shorter may be better, but you don’t want players under attack to just be able to log off for the night just to prevent the attackers from raiding their base. If you have a good strong base with good defenses and thralls, your inner sanctum can probably last about 20 minutes, which is what I would recommend vs 30 minutes. Ultimately however, I feel like playtesting will be the best way to test this. Regardless, I think with DBD enabled, raid windows need to be shortened significantly or removed entirely.


I respect that, but then play PVE or RP private server and do not ask to nerf PVP servers if you can not be online.

People play PvP servers to participate in raiding and raid defense, not to enslave their personal lives to the raid window. Raiding and Raid Defense can only be done on PvP servers. So what you’re essentially implying is that in order to play true PvP you have to commit 42 hours a week (6hr raid time * 7 days a week) to playing Conan Exiles. Personally–as a busy adult who designs and develops video games–I think that it is absolutely unethical for a game developer to make a game require more than 2-3 hours of playtime a day for a player to remain relevant. 42 Hours a week is abhorrent. Saying that people should commit to a full-time job in order to play PvP is ludicrous.


You’ve basically summed everything that held me out of PVP in survival games ever since the genre began… and which Dynamic building damage might actually finally “fix” for me by removing the biggest worry I have about PVP(i.e.: losing everything because I had to stay offline for even just “one” day because of work/family obligations/etc thus removing the point of playing PVP in the first place if one can’t even skip a single day without potentially losing all progress).


I rarely saw a person as selfish as you are. Do you even hear yourself talking? S I X hours of raid time is more than some people have free time after working and family stuff. And you really got the audacity to tell anyone they are not allowed to play pvp because of that? Just because you got endless time to cry in a game forum and play the game 24/7 doesnt mean everyone else has. Let people play what they want to play and if they have limited time and still wanna play pvp rather than pve that fcking none of your business.


yeah i just want funcom make 1 server for ppl that dont have mush time or for ppl that rly want hardcore. ididt ask every server need be less pvp :smiley: thx u understan :smiley:

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They call it “second life” for a reason. EVERY open sandbox MMO has been that way since the 90s.

Conan is not built that way. There isnt enough to do for a full time job. Conan is like being an uber for some extra cash, not a full time job. We miss those days.

Feedback about the change here: