Never be raided anymore on PVP servers (100% legal exploit)!

It cost only 13.99 EUR the next fews days to buy the game on a second steam account.

Then use th first account outside raid time and the second one inside raid time :slight_smile:

Yet another reason to never play on public official servers :slight_smile:

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eh, why a second steam account ? you don’t need second steam account, and with the offline raid protection you will not be raidable if you don’t connect to your server during pvp time, so it allow you to play freely to the new conan, you just have tog on every 167h to protect your asset on old conan. the measure is clearly an incitation to move to new conan, as actuallty player who have lot of assets and big base will not move on a new conan to loose all what they built. and i think the way the offline protection is working will be revised in some months.

and the offline raiding protection will work for everybody, even those who do not buy new conan and just play on conan exiles original version

Offline raid protection? Has something changed? lol

  • Edit - nevermind I just read it. Rofl

It can work on private servers too. Just be a little clever so as not to be unmasked!

You can even push the thing further :

  • player 1 build main base.
  • player 2 build a wall with anticlimb arround the main player 1 base (and is offline during raid time). 1 wall must have a window.
  • player 1 can exit the player 2 wall by jumping it from inside (put a stair)
  • player 1 can enter the player 2 wall from outside by killing himself near the window, respawing in the base, and looting his corpse through the window.

Unraidable :slight_smile:

Player 2 gets reported by a 3rd party and banned for wall-in.

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It take weeks or months before someone get banned. Foundations spammers, undermeshers are still there months after being reported.

Anyway you can still use 2 accounts and be offline with the main base account during raid time.

Normal raid times override offline protection…

“This will mean that players will be able to damage buildings during the scheduled building damage windows OR if any building owner is online and for 30 minuets after they logoff, subject to feedback.”

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nop if you do a report correctly, and that this report is true it is beetwen 48h-2 weeks.

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where did you see that ?

from ignasis annoucement : VP combat will remain as usual.
PVP building damage will be disabled on Sundays.
Dynamic Building protection will be enabled, with a period of 30 minutes (18000 seconds). That means, player buildings won’t be raidable if the owner (player or clan) hasn’t been online during the past 30 minutes.
We hope to have given you a comprehensive rundown of these changes coming both to the Exiled lands and to the Isle of Siptah. We’ll be more than happy to hear what you think of these upcoming changes in this feedback thread 11. We’ll also update the F.A.Q. below with any common questions you might have about these upcoming changes.

Stay safe!

No. You won’t have offline protection Friday and Saturday during peak times. This post is a scam.

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That’s what I was saying. You can always get raided in the normal PvP hours.

“This will mean that players will be able to damage buildings during the scheduled building damage windows OR if any building owner is online and for 30 minuets after they logoff, subject to feedback.”

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this is not what i understand, because if do not log, you will no be raidable during pvp hour, please read the full anouncement, and i think my understanding is more a reason for players to switch to new conan and buy this product. and will be more welcome by new people that will not be screwed in 2 days by no life raider. you want to bet with me real money ?

but let wait the dev stream

Keep turning this game into more of a “safe space” is going to kill it. I’m already seeing many long-time players(spenders) calling it quits and moving on and not because they don’t enjoy the game but because the gameplay keeps getting more “nerfed” and just not enjoyable anymore. Devs should not have to incorporate new things like off-line raid protection to push their new content. The new content should be accessible through the old content without having to alter game mechanics. Again, the devs are breaking the game, they’re going to lose it entirely imo.

Seriously , they could have managed this with another rowboat and load screen much like they did with the Sunken Cityj, or…why not just finish the upper right portion of the map? Plenty of room for expansion there and there’s even much coastline to allow for some water biome. But no, instead it’s “here, buy our Conan 2 and we’ll keep your Conan1 safe…even if it ruins the gameplay for everyone else”

It’s not even released for my own platform yet but based on what I’ve read so far and the new current state of the original game I guess it’s just time to find a new game and move on. Very disappointed.


Sorry. I thought you asked.
You’re absolutely correct. No offline protection during raid time.

well they modified the wording : We have also added a new system called Dynamic Building Damage, which if enabled (server setting) allows player to damaged buildings while any of the owners (individual or clan) are online (even outside the scheduled raid times) and for a duration (server settings) after the last owner has logged off.

so you are right apparently, well i dont move to new conan in this case, and this is worst mean everybody will only play pvp time ?

this is not a restriction on PVP building damage, it’s adding a raid time.

If you are not online during raid hours, you are raidable.
And if you are online out of raid hours, it mean anyone can raid you until X minutes after you log off

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yes they modified the wording very recently, old one was not this one, good bye conan

It was shown in the trailer that the new map will have live events like those portals raining purge thralls, a new sandstorm with monsters and Yog God spawn as a world boss. This will be intense pvp action, since these events will draw the attention of the entire server.
You’re missing out on the game.

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