Do not forget some anti climb ... raid from the top :)

Just raid this today, can be climbed to the top :slight_smile:
Fews hours, and without killing strong thralls!
Entrance is untouched.


Was the owner online ?

Most likely not, pvp in Conan Exiles is mostly about offline raiding :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was quoting @stelagel, but for some reason this forum deletes the quotes almost every time and doesn’t even show the name of who you are quoting :frowning:

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Actually it’s not all that rare… At least not from me, I often chat with people I’ve raided or been raided by after.

Fx one time I pretty much foundation wiped some guys base. The floor was sandstone, so it was easier to blow it all up than focusing on chests lol. But right after (the guy was online but not at home) he messaged me and was pretty sad. I ended up giving him half the loot back and going with him to raid another base and let him have the loot from that too. Cos tbh I don’t even care about the loot 95% of the time, I probably already got what I need and only really hope I get bombs to raid the next place.

Just recently I got past almost all the defenses of some clans base and was fooling around outside the main building when one of them noticed me. I was just naked and only had grubs on me. So I wasn’t careful and his thrall killed me. When he looted the grub, I messaged him “Hey that was my grub!” as a joke, but we ended up chatting and I ended up going back there to show him how I bypassed their defenses. He even gave me back the grubs loool.

Just a couple of the more far out stories, but it happened tons of times that we end up helping each other in some way after one side got raided.


Actually this is one of the greatest reasons I quit official PvP servers . Offline raiding ,spawn kill and high toxicity are the three greatest reasons made me play in private. Ofcurse you will find the same issues to private servers ,but the percentage of these players is lower . I say it a lot of times and i’ ll say it once more , my taste of PvP is similar to the one @SirDaveWolf is uploading on his videos , fair , skilled fights that produce adrenaline rush and fun .

ps . I know that undermesh , speed hack and full attributes are greater problems , but i play consoles ,so 2 years back when I was playing official PvP ,I didn’t have these issues , or at least I didn’t noticed something like it to be honest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


You have to use the “workaround”, lmao


2021-03-15 03_22_16-Window

Dead server, only the OP was online

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It happens if you try to quote their entire post. Try quoting only part of it next time.

Btw, try playing on some of the private servers with 50+ players, PvP can be so much more than offline raiding on dead servers.


This is some grubsome experience hehe


TBH people paint a way worse picture than reality. I’ve played on a bunch of the most populated official PVP servers (on PS4) and yes, there’s some toxic people, but most people are actually quite nice.

Obviously PVP is kind of toxic in nature. It’s never nice to destroy and steal other peoples stuff, but that’s a term you agree on by joining a PVP server.

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Omg , several times you make me feel like a noob , you rock girl thanks for everything :+1: .

My dear @Narelle I don’t know what I do wrong , maybe because I type by phone and not pc , maybe because I will never learn :rofl::rofl::rofl: , any reason possible , but sometimes just to be sure I add the name of the member I speak because after I press send the quote is vanished :woman_shrugging:t3: .

oh don’t worry at all @stelagel I add the names too :stuck_out_tongue:

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