Raids outside of Raid hours

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Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA] Official PvP Server #3833

For the past week I have had several members of a separate clan troll us by destroying our buildings and dropping all of our items on the floor to “rot away”. This has gone on in a server that claims to have specific raid hours. (5pm - 11pm) As of the writing if this report, it is 0200 on my birthday morning and I still have to repair and fend off these trolls. My clan members and myself sadly are disgusted by this and my members have stopped playing about two days ago. This is a big misstep and apparently has been exploited by many players. I really like this game but after a week of this I may have to move to something else until this and some other major fixes come into play.

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Hey there @RedDSW01

Our team is aware of this exploit and they’re working on a fix. We apologize for the frustration this situation might cause.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Just an update,
Last night my brother and sister attempted to log on shortly after 1700 EST and the server was no longer listed. At about 1809 EST I made the attempt and did not find the server. From my current understanding, this is going on to this moment. I’m not sure if Funcom took this down, this is a glitch in the game or something malicious is taking place. I thought this was worth passing along.

Sadly, you’re not alone, this bug has been around for a long time too. The meta is to basically not build anything on the ground and pull your elevators if you’re the last one off. Ever wonder why you see so many pillar bubble bases? This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. (besides being harder to take out unless you spam enough jebals on them)
Conan PVP servers are full of toxic trolls that use any and every exploit they can to wipe other clans and kill servers. The PVP game is basically about pikes, glitches/exploits and cheese.
You might just want to look for a decent private server instead or find a dead pvp server no one plays on to avoid players/clans that do that.

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My clan knows about this problem months ago. Thats why all alpha bases are on trees, undermap, on the top of the right side of the volcano or in the dessert pilars.

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Please come back to the server. I’ll give you tips.

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Hello Ignasis,
I think you should check facts before you use the word EXPLOIT. I am the leader of the clan this guy is talking about we are NOT exploiters and I am very offended that you as a community support person would answer a post with such carelessness. The problem is very simple this guy can not tell time we are on a PACIFIC COAST server therefore raiding hours are 5pm till 11pm PST. The issue you should be aware of and should be working on a fix for, is that servers do not identify by time zones when you look at server times in the settings it just says 5pm to 11pm.

Hello ResDSW01,
I never laughed so hard at a post than this one…my tribe has now gone from exploiters to server hackers!!! Enough already if you are going to make public accusations you should first check your facts. As stated above in my post the server is Pacific Coast Standard Time we are not raiding outside of raid hours there is no exploiting going on at all. The only reason we have repeatedly “griefed” your base is because your only interaction with us was to send messages full of swear words and sh** talk accusing us of exploiting. I say “griefed” because it is a PvP server we could have come at you full strength with my whole tribe and foundation wiped you and taken everything you had but we left you thralls hoping it would motivate you to strike back…but alas you have yet to even set a bomb on my door. Had you simply asked us how we were stealing from you we would have told you and given you some tips on how to build better for a PvP server. We even sent you screenshots of your windows and unlocked chests smh…but again instead of talking to us you post in a forum??? You call us trolls? You are the only troll on the server accusing us of exploiting when you are just really bad at this game and probably don’t belong on a PvP server. Everyone else we have attacked and fought sends a message with GG or awesome base…etc etc and guess what we have become friends and all hangout in party chat…cause that is how real PvPer who are grown ups act.

You clearly have no idea what you are doing so let me help you…firstly I would recommend you stop making tables and chairs with dinner settings or his and her chest with furry costumes and build a tier 3 base with anti-climb, no windows and for the love of Jabal get it off the ground…oh and palisades on your roof is not anti-climb, lol. You know those cute little half walls you have on your balconies those are ANTI CLIMB stop making balconies and put those all around your buildings then we can’t get to your roof and blow a hole in it. If ya need an example then go look at my base…just don’t go at raid time cause my archers will kill you they are armed and dangerous.

Secondly…Sandstone on a PvP server when you are level 60 should only be used for mapping out what you are going to build in Tier 3. Land claiming half the Jungle with huge sandstone walls when you can’t defend it is just an invitation to any raiding tribe to come and get free stuff. Considering you have been on the server longer than us you should already have a tier 3 base surrounded by archer thralls and named fighters. Put armor on your thralls and get them from the volcano where they have decent health.

Thirdly location location location…you are in the jungle not a bad choice for someone who clearly isn’t a PvPer you have lots of places to hide and plenty of resources. But you chose to build on the out in the open, on the river, on the ground…SMH! The river in the desert starter area is called “Noobie Nile” for a reason that is where sandstone buildings belong you have turned the jungle river into “Noobie Nile 2”

Now after all that long-winded advice I would like to challenge you and your tribe to come back to the server and pull up on us. We will give you a week…my tribe can tier 3 and have a base in 3 days so a week is generous. We won’t attack your base or steal anything…well unless you build with windows lol. If you need building advice or help just ask we are not the kids you think we are we just love this game and have been playing for a long time. However, if ya don’t have the “Jabals” for PvP I get it and perhaps you should go to PvE or PvP Conflict but then again don’t you want revenge soooo bad you can taste it? Just adjust your thinking a bit PvPer don’t make decorations we make bombs you can only be “trolled” on a PvP server if you allow people to do so…fight back and win or lose at least you tried and we would respect that but crying exploiters is as annoying as “OMG I died from lag” one last hint, if you are going to defend your base with bows either make better arrows or use an archer build cause shooting at us with flint head arrows, tickles a bit but it isn’t going to kill us. Good luck to you and your tribe whatever you all decide I do hope that whether it is on this server or another you keep playing this game it is awesome and the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know anything, lol

Maybe you should check what time zone your server is if you have this so called “exploit” since it isn’t a matter of anyone exploiting just a clan that didn’t realize they are on a PST server and not EST.

As for building on pillars this is smart advice if you want to build on the ground and decorate then you should be on a PvE Conflict server not a PvP server. God Spire for the win lol.

We are not a toxic clan and we are not exploiters we just play the game well and if you think PvP servers are toxic then you shouldn’t be on one either. Perhaps all the “exploits” you think these “toxic clans” are using just mean they are better than you and have more knowledge of the game than you do. However if you are going to publicly declare that a tribe is a bunch of troll exploiters you should as should everyone in this thread check your facts…screen shot or it never happened. If you want proof I will post the screen shots of this guys base and the toxic messages he sent to us.

I’m talking about the broken meta and things I’ve seen in general across all platforms, and yes you can offline raid ( a well known bug that is hopefully patched soon) which is a very common complaint on full PVP servers. Lots of clans have abused it and I tend to assume people know what timezone they’re in after some time. But even so, where did I publicly name or accuse your tribe? Why are you so butthurt and wasting time typing up copious amounts of defensive text vomit? Nobody cares about your e-honor. PVP servers are in fact full of toxic anti social types b/c that’s the kind of quality of people it attracts. That’s survival pvp games in general (like Ark), but Conan has had some long running game breaking bugs that people have really taken advantage of too.


He never once accused you of it. He was giving advice to someone if any of what they said was true. It is the same advice I would give a new player. And he is correct in that a majority of Alphas use exploits, cheese, and bully numbers and offline tactics. He never said he couldn’t deal with them. He was just forewarning of what to expect so one could make an educated decision. I choose to combat the cheats and exploiters. I find it rewarding when i win a battle while some one is stam glitching and duping, but my clan is just hustling and holding our own/ nuking their bases. I know that they will fix the exploit, ant that alpha will be exposed until they find another glitch/exploit. And then the cycle restarts:)


They arent singling you out, just saying it is a pvp server. If you place windows where you can reach chest and dont lock chests im afraid thats just the way it goes. It sucks but making it seem like they are bullying you is ridiculous. You raid, they raid, we all raid thats kinda the point of the game…

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Dont make windows people can crawl through! And lock your chests if u dont want stuff taken…

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I do appreciate the constrictive criticisms and genuine advice. I have looked into this prior to making this post. This has been an issue that not only other players but also Funcom has acknowledged and that it is nothing new. This is indeed an exploit that needs to be looked at. and if raids are not meant to be during specific hours then that information should be changed or removed all together. If it is, then make sure it is clearly specified and held up. I know well about not having windows near the ground at all. It was a mistake my friends and family made. hard lesson learned for them there.

@Khauncubine This post was made to make this issue aware to the devs that this is something that still happens. I could care less how you play the game. It’s made to have fun and if you find joy in that then good for you. However I did come here to throw shade, call anyone out, name names or anything of the sort. The face that you took the time too search for this post and take so much time to make such a response tells more about you than I care to mention. I did not read all of what you have to say because I don’t care as much as you do. There are too many games in the world for me to stick around and continuously kill your clan members. Congrats on your trolling. Hope you continue to have fun at the bottom of the barrel.

There are many many more servers we can use to play on and when we feel like it we can return there. Its a fun game but still in need of many fixes. Hope you all take care.


Something that should be looked into as well, this is in fact happening to me on my server, our server has been going down on an almost daily basis and is offline for hours. When it comes back online the time is incorrect, as if time was paused while the server was down and no one cared to adjust the internal clock.
It’s bullS*it. This is an official dedicated PVE C server. I’ve witnessed raids occurring anytime of day or night, and it’s sad that the only way to tell if it’s raid time is for one of my tribe mates and I to attack each other to see if we can hurt each other. Great game not complaining but yes this game needs many many fixes, if your server has crashed and gone down this may very well be your problem as well and yes. It is a glitch of sorts and an exploit. And though I haven’t played pvp in Conan exiles yet, I do have to agree that pvp servers on any game do tend to draw a very toxic community. And I feel like Conan, honestly being the best survival rpg I’ve played, should find ways to fix the pvp meta so everyone can play on an even playing field. That is asking a lot though, I hate to say it but I’ve had my fare share of trolls on PVE C, and honestly gotta agree it’s just a game and it’s dumb when people track down other people and try to make themselves look better after messaging them and bashing them in game, honestly they need to remove people’s psn ID tags because Trolls love to get your info and pm you and harass you. And that’s exactly what it is. Harassment. Not saying what’s his face was harassing anyone just that this is a huge problem and it is a breach of privacy and it needs taken out of the game.


After re reading your original post I’m convinced. It’s gotta be the same issue my tribe and I are experiancing on our server. The server crashes, goes down for some time and pauses. Raid times then occur at odd hours because servers pause while offline and do not appear to reset what time it is until the server is restarted.
You would think there would be an easy fix to this, honestly I don’t get how all these people using UE4 (The Game Engine) are ■■■■■■■■ up so bad because the engine does most all of the work for you… if you actually know how to use it


Sounds like we are having similar issues. My whole thing is that raid hours claim to be 5-11pm. We were under the impression that this was for EST as raids actually started at 5pm EST and when we delt with our first rival who tried to grief us as we started playing on this server. We (including him) were only able to raid during these hours. After 11pm we could do no damage to any structures and also he would pull back from his attacks. Resorting to only stalking us in the open world.
IF this is not tied to any specific time zone, then it should be more clear. IF it is then it needs to be up held for all players on that server despite their place or origin. IF raid hours are just 5-11pm for that person then the game is broken and it is an exploit that is being taken advantage of. This is not ok as people can be raided just because “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”. I would even imagine that you can change the time on your PS to say it’s 5pm just to trigger this. (I could be and hope I’m wrong) Bottom line, this should be a high priority fix for all platforms and I hope someone at Funcom is taking a close look at this and other major issues. The people that use this exploit don’t want to do anything but ruin structures and rot away loot. Witch is really sad when you look at it. Raids are a part of the game, yes, but this ain’t it chief.
If you read some of the other comments here, there are some with some helpful advice you can use to keep your base safer during these raids. Hope you do enjoy the game tho. I’ve played it so much it’s just time I moved on to another. I’ll be back tho. It’s a very fun game that I have to return later.

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