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Hello here I play Conan since the release of the game still in official server with a nice team of almost 10 colleague … I buy the dlc all to be thoroughly in the game and now that yesterday at 23h after resisting the alpha the server of the game has like crash! No more doors at the base of the half of the walls but the enemy in our base not open I specify. This morning I connect nothing is destroyed but miss all that had on the established all pnj all even empty chest! We loot at night while our base and close and it’s no longer raid hours! Here are hours and hours of farm party while we defend our base! It has already happened to us on a server we passed but it is painful! After the servers this empty normal if there are team cheating! Photo at video support all you want but made something else you lose 10 more player at this rate you can close the official server because of team like this! I really hope that you will take my request in note and not just send them a small email because we will not make it back the stuff! The server and the 3208 team are alpha clan they are scared surely and that’s what we do! Thank you for your understanding I look forward to your answer! thank you in advance

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Hey there,

From what I can gather, you seem to report this issue happening on a PS4 server. We moved your thread to the PS4 section.
Regarding the server issues you’re reporting, we’re aware of that and we aim to release a hotfix dealing with this problem soon.
Thanks for your feedback.

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can you please retype this so we can understand what you are saying. i have no clue what the issue is.

sounds like Ignasis dosnt have a clue either other then ps4 lol

From what I can tell, it looks like he says he was off hours raided (not offline raided…there is a difference) and it was by the ALPHA clan. Basically he is saying his clan of 10 will leave game due to this if not rectified. And as long as alphas exploit/cheat, then servers will die. You know, the usual :wink:

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