Offical server problems

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [glitcher]
Region: [usa]

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We need an admin on offical server 3591. There is a clan who have been using glitches to raid other clans. they are faily new(maybe a week) they have been using the stam glitch,health glitch and the player teleporting with the spear glitch to get into bases. this is extreamly annoying as they can just come into our base during non raid times and just take our stuff. i only know two of their psn names as i havent been on to catch the others. there are like three more of them. We have wiped them every time we found their base and they just keep coming back. Can an admin come investagate them please? if this is not the right place to seek help please put me in the right place thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. not going to say how it is done

I am sorry but that is not likely to happen. There’s posts on this subject elsewhere in the forum. That will explain. Good Luck.

i havent seen any other posts,thats why i posted this.

So who’s using fake names?. We only fought once. And yet you wiped my base when? We built up in a week taking everybody’s steel. All those armor sets. We dominated this server so easy, we’re cheaters now? Some people can’t pvp and we wiped multiple servers now. I stopped playing conan because of stamina cheese and this server in my first one back from all the glitches. Show us proof or don’t lie on my name. Nothing to hide, we 3 vs 15 the whole server while funcoms servers were disconnecting. Just because you don’t know the little things in conan like max heals and buffs pots that’s on you. Were not here to help your gameplay.

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