Official Server #3113 PVP. problems / Bugs / glich/ Hack

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Glich / Hack ]
Region: [EUROPA]

*** official Server #3113 PVP

[ Hackers: Tim linderman / diabol Easy. Siska 44 y erwan94 .]

Steps on how to reproduce issue :

  1. immune to explosives.
  2. go through walls.
  3. kill with tools in one hit

the 7 people of my clan leave the game because of a hacker, it is unfair.
You have to investigate the funcom server.


Were you part of the no names clan if so come back on server and help with the war against the nudist/kamaloot clans all help is welcome.

Tim lindermann It goes through walls and destroyed the bases inside.
They use glichs, hacks. after raideo schedule they destroyed 5 cameras.
No need to break a door.

14 doors
I went in and he went through the foundations.
war? hahaha ya nafie wants to play conan for this.

@Tascha,when will a patch be coming out to stop the glitch from beening used on honest conan players like this guys clan? cause thats now seven less players on Conan now because of players abusing the system to there on gain.

hey, the no name’s spreads false information. We are not cheaters. We farm for a month to destroy this alpha clan. they do not assume their defeat. Anyway, many of you have already attacked us and killed us. You have evidence that we are not invincible. A video of the raid is being downloaded. Have you thought of looking at the ceiling of your treasure cave? Look at the hole, and you’ll understand how we went back. Thank you, That’s all for me.

Till linderman is a hacker .
and you complices

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I would be the first surprised and pissed if it were, but I do not believe for a second ! And by no means does Kaamelott endorse this.

I have videos, and screen raids, but as a new member, I can not publish them. To close the debate, I think that Funcom has the means to verify and confirm that we have beaten you legally. Kaamelott has nothing to reproach himself with. Good luck and see you later.

ToHave a hacker friend to open the doors of paradise.

I played, but the game became boring.
lack of new content.

and the bugs / glitches / hacks killed him.


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