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Hey everyone, there’s a big issue with one of the clans on my pvp server. Ive been playing this server for over 2months and now have quit because of the reason I’m going to share. Everytime you fight or try to stop this one clan from raiding you will instantly lag when fighting them and only them. I have had fights with other people on the server and was no problems but it’s not just me that has had this problem with them, I have nearly the whole server who could say the same thing. You hit these guys down to about half health and all the sudden you start skipping everywhere and you’ll be in one direction and they’ll be in the other and hit you. Now this isn’t like 3-4 people saying this, this is like 20+ people on the server saying this. I have conversations about it from nearly all the clans on that particular server saying the same thing. If you could help us all out that would be awesome. Thanks and merry Christmas

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Hey there,

You can use our Exploit Hunters page to report any exploits and provide evidence of it.

Thank you!


This is server 3593? It happened on 3892, 3600, and countless others. There is a group of players i will mention that have repeatedly done this. And blocked off brinstone spawns. And lagged servers to wipe them. They are on 3593 as we speak. Everyone is reporting it systematically to bring attention to these players who are effectively destroying this game. They are STILL duplicating items, using bonfires, and they show up on our event logs. I urge the dev team to log knto ps4 official server 3593 (us) and see for them selves. Hundreds of players are quitting everytime they see “bokzord” or kyle_laaaad” log into their servers. There is no way to beat someone who cant die, and doesnt need to farm.

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today me and my friend we spot we see thrals and animals in different location and ping was ok no lag. the location of npc are different for each player !

I can confirm. Since PC is pretty stabilized I have moved over to PS4 for all my recreational CE play. What I’ve seen even when I’m 1 vs 4 is classic lag switch behavior, and the only way categorically to ever defeat it is to quit the server.

This isn’t our friends’ burden, to write code that isolates players who frequently “lag out”* but if Funcom did they would get the Internet Medal of Freedom. This isn’t something that plagues Conan Exiles, it drives hordes away from massively popular titles like GTA and RDR. I’ve been fighting toe laggers for a decade now and it’s no fun.

If you can grab video via the Share Button using your instant replay buffer, 15 minutes’ worth from before your death, and 15 minutes after will be immensely helpful. I’ll be happy to help out, or cut your video into exploit-hunter-friendly material, if you need assistance.

* Intentionally vague – I could name a handful of different lag solutions that cost less than $2.50US and can be operated with a toe.


Just recently I had an “interesting” PvP situation: We were fighting some guys in front of their base 3v3. We killed them several times. Everything was normal until 1 specific guy died. The others ran into their T3 hut and I was standing 2 meters away from it for 2 seconds and out of a sudden:

Spear poke sounds appeared just like shooting a machine gun and I died within 100 ms (40 vitality in medium epic flawless armor btw). No one of the enemies was around me or in spear range.

Was this some kind of speedhack? Or a lag-switch that would hold the attack “commands” just long enough so they will be sent rapidly to the server after he put his finger off the lag switch?

Maybe someone can enlighten me.

EDIT: Platform is PC

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People die all the time and claim “speed hack”. If they were using speed hacks they would of been using them from the beginning don’t ya think? You were probably being poked with a spear for a while and never realized it.

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I am claiming nothing. I am just asking what it COULD HAVE BEEN.

We surprised them at their base. After they realized they had no chance, they pulled the stuff off that I described.

And yes, I didn’t realize anything, because I died instantly after hearing the spear first poke sound VERY QUICKLY like a machine gun. It was like this: Watch enemy flee into their house. Take some distance from the door (out of spear poke range). Stand still a few seconds. Die instantly.


You obviously don’t have any proof of actions so you’re word means nothing hence why devs do nothing but DDoS and what not will all be in the game logs also hacking is illegal and a federal offence which can lead up to 5 years in prison

sirdavewolf (fury), you cry about suposed cheats? you and your friends build inside a crack, in a exploit, raid other clans from inside, yes, from inside of their bases, using teleport, it seems, and now you are crying about cheats? you are the trash of this game, i hope funcom ban you and your friends of this game forever, and now you can run flying?? and dont use stamina?, bravo cheater

Happening as well on 1931 for months now or more.

Hey there,

Quick reminder that accusing other players or users is against our community guidelines. Also try not to devolve the thread into a string of accusations and finger-pointing. Keep it civil and on point.
As always we would also like to remind everybody that we have our tool Exploit Hunters available in case you have hard evidence on an exploit or hack. This tool. however, is not geared towards reporting exploiters.

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Funcom are either reallly ignorant or just plain incompetant, stam glitch exploit has been around since release, duping still is done by players, now you got them roll an powerjump exploits that launch you, everyone knows about bugs that have been there forever, gods that are bugged an unbalanced, poor server performance an fps stuttering, brokern AI/thralls an purges, building glitches, the list goes on yet funcom are so slow. This could have been a great game if in better hands, nearly all servers are dead an heading that way.

You realize you are being poked by a spear because you are staggered with every hit.

Bankruptcy protection is nothing to laugh at. It’s there to ensure social order and fair payment during a financial hardship. Do not confuse bankruptcy with failure.

If you have played since Day 1 you would know this is not true. Even if you’d played since the massive free map expansion Frozen North, you’d know that’s not true. Recent experience is somewhat tainted by deliberate server outages perpetrated by bad sports.

Nonsense. The only re-emergence recently has been the stamina bug. I challenge you to find a single Triple A title that doesn’t have duping. I could dupe you an entire fleet of cars in GTA, but that doesn’t make it a bad product.

Truthfully I can name a couple of franchises that crapped the bed lately, especially during the holidays. Funcom did not, with any of its products. I didn’t like the fact that we got no stocking stuffers, but they offered a solid patch framework on Live, were responsive to serious issues with hotfixes and patched the tar out of a DDoS attack. Not to mention dropped a fairly epic TestLive build. That’s a tall order.

Leveling has always been, and continues to be satisfying. Also, if you paid $60, crafting thralls are worth at least $30. The judicious and careful movement across the map, clever recruitment and stealthy building features that make this multiplayer game shine are only augmented by the “hiring” of just the right thrall. :smiley:

It’s not for everyone, I get that. Sometimes everything it has to offer is more than you can immediately see. There’s one thing I can see: you’ll return to Conan Exiles.

Personally I appreciate your input about the game and hope to see you back soon.

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