Ps4 player hacks and exploits

Hey guys, Merry Christmas for the 25th. I have a major issue with a clan on a pvp server. Everytime they fight me or anyone on the server you will lag bad and then die out of no where. They will also hit you even if you role and are in the other direction. They are all very abusive and harass all the clans on the server. It’s not just me saying this, I can get about 15+ people that will give you that same explaination. There’s messages we have from them and all the clans have the same problem when fighting them. You can’t win due to the lag and when you get them passed half health that’s when it gets really laggy and it’s impossible. Nearly the whole server has had this problem. If you could help them that would be great, you’re my last hope to come back to this particular server. Thank you all