Looking for clan to help tk down an invader, or give advice

There’s a new toxic clan who built up a mega tower east of Buccaneer Bay on jungle Islands. They have no qualms offline raiding and the clans currently on the server do not seem to have the nerve to band together or do anything major. Our “alphas” are dragging their feet as I’m starting to wonder, they don’t want to risk losing all their stuff by making large moves. I’m wondering if there’s and sizable clan who would be up to the challenge of going against these invaders, but who would not also want to mess with the peaceful groups. I know that last part would be the tough find.

Or, if such a clan could give me advice on HOW you would go about it as I’m willing to put in whatever work and time necessary, myself or with a few others if that’s what it takes. Maybe I could pull together members from the different clans who are willing to fight and form a large squad.

Hi I had a similar problem last year, a clan made a mega base, really huge, and was breaking the server rules by raiding offline etc etc…it was a private server so I complained to the admin and when he checked with other clans that what I said was right, he banned them and added a size limit to the bases. The server is not working anymore but we had quite a good time since the admin started to control and check the server regulary. If its an officlal server you must as well quit and find a new server, but try to blow that mega tower before you leave, good luck mate.

I don’t really have any advice without knowing the details of the server. However, I am willing to join your clan and help you eff their ish up lol

You can send a ps msg if you like, ps name is the same

maybe you can throw some avatars

They are right if it is an official server. You might need to find a new server.I play on the isle of septa server An Unexpected Journey. The admin on the server keep that from happening.0ffline raiding is prohibited there. Blocking vault entries and resource points is also not allowed.