Clans teaming up to destroy us!

So me and my friend have been playing on official server 2106, there’s 3 clans on there who are the ‘alphas’ and they all team up together to destroy everyone they see. HOW IS THIS FAIR? Literally me and my mate just duo it and had a fairly decent base with good loot, the whole time we’ve been on they have just gone for us, I’d understand if it was just one clan but it’s not! They all team up together and since you can only protect your base with only one wall (stupid how you can’t honeycomb) they’ve completely ruined us. Is this allowed or not? It’s like funcom have given massive advantages to raiders yet very little to defenders

It is allowed…just as you can team up with other clans to take then down as well. Didn’t say its going to be easy but this is a significant issue with this type of game and PVP…those on the top are horridly lopsided and so there really isn’t a true PVP experience in these cases.
Truth be told, the only way you are going to get rid of these is to get some more toxic server jumpers that will just go in and wipe the server. They are usually on FB, Twitter, or such and actively love going onto other servers to wipe dug in clans…loot them and leave with the goodies. If you were recently raided, you got nothing to loose and just come back 2 weeks later to a mostly clean slate. This is the state of PVP now on officals. Don’t hate the messenger.

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You can’t stack fence foundations, but of course you can have multiple outer walls for protection. I play Conflict, and my bases always have an outer wall and an inner base…and that’s overkill. Are you really only securing your base with one wall? Also, it’s totally fair for other players to team up…it’s the entire point of the game.

It’s just a shame larger clans feel the need to raid smaller ones. I’m all for raiding hence why we chose pvp but when there’s not really a viable way of defending your base it really makes you loose interest. I also don’t understand why honeycombing was removed… it’s like the only way to have a possibility of defending yourself in these types of situations, you cannot land claim ( so they can just put thralls near your base etc ) FUNcom have really taken the FUN out of it all, unless of course you want to limit yourself to a 6x6 hidden somewhere… shame as I do like the game but with the state it’s currently at it’s really not enjoyable.

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More than one alpha on the server? They still haven’t finished each other until it is only the one. :rofl: :rofl:

They are on discord? I didn’t see that mentioned.

ARK is all about nomad clans that can wipe you. I thought I was playing a different game. Because the transfer is instant. The difference on delay of transfer is interesting.

Agreed, basically their is no more tactics. It just a number game now. It is hard to defend such big numbers now.

Of course its allowed. Why would having friends be disallowed?

Now let’s think about this for a moment. If Funcom decided to disallow it, how would they even write a rule that would be understandable by everyone? You can’t just make a rule stating “Clans may not ally with one another.” What would that even mean? You’d have to write it in such a way to cover every little what if scenario to the point that 99% of players would be in violation because they aren’t raiding everyone on their server at every chance they get.

But let’s say they had God’s gift to writing rules and had the perfect unambiguous rule to rule them all to cover everything perfectly. How would they enforce it? How do you prove cooperation? You don’t. That requires active moderation. Private servers do this (with some difficult sometimes), but this will never be available to officials.

What you have here is a PVP problem. You require a PVP solution. There is a couple of options available. As pointed out by erjoh, you can team up too. If they have 3 clans, then get 6. You can also try talking to them. See what they want and see if there is anything you can do to get off their hit list. Yes this means swallowing your pride and some cases, dignity. Welcome to PVP in that regard.

Get creative, its part of what PVP is. You have to outthink your opponent, you have to outwit your opponent, you have to be more clever, sometimes you need more stubbornness than your opponent, and sometimes you just have to accept your lot. Let’s face it, this is a game, a competitive one. Someone wins, and someone loses. What did you all think second place would look like when you signed onto PVP?

How would this even be balanced? How many people do you have? How many do they have? Since I want to make a point rather than wait for numbers (that I don’t think I’m gonna get here), lets say you have 5. Then lets say they have 10 each, so 30 total.

30 vs 5. How would that be balanced so the 5 ‘has a shot’? Then how would that be balanced if it was 5 vs 5? Because if a clan can defend against 6 to 1 odds then 1 to 1 odds would be a snooze fest. It would pretty much enforce a numbers game.

Some people simply have more friends. You see cooperation, charisma, and gregariousness are just as important as being skilled or knowledgeable about a game. I have friends whom I have gamed with for over 35 years. Some of you have upwards of 6,000 hours played in Conan Exiles. But one of my friends and I have literally multiple tens of thousands of hours playing games together with a good percentage of that being online games and PVP. Why shouldn’t that count for something?

When I was in the Army, it was common for our unit (of about 200 individuals) to have most of us playing the same game to group up. This included MMORPGs, First Person Shooters, and various other genres. Not only did we simply play video games with one another. We served on a deployment together. Why shouldn’t that count for something?

Point is, you’re allowed to have friends. You’re allowed to play with friends. You’re allowed to cooperate with friends. And finally you’re allowed, able, and should use friendship as an advantage. Multiplayer games are fun. Multiplayer games with friends are even more fun.

In all honesty though, you are probably playing the wrong game type. You might try PVE-C. PVP Official is a wipe or be wipe playstyle. If it wasn’t, they’d have turned on DBD.

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That’s PvP. It won’t be fair. They won’t risk losing their stuff in a fair fight. Expect to be dunked on over and over until you gather up enough resources to “dunk” on someone else. You likely won’t take a fight you don’t think you can win either. And when you beat someone else, they will think you took advantage of some part of the situation. Offline, Numbers, Gear, Levels, Terrain, Tactics.

PvP is awful. I feel sorry for ya, but it’s not gonna get better.

Yup your right PVP is worthless to play. My clan quit playing due to the bomb dup. It was bad even before then. Best thing to do is play pve c at least you have a good chance to at least survive. PVP is just way to toxic to play anymore.

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We were in the same situation on another server too, we were a duo and the alpha clan was two clans working together (basically just one big clan but they couldn’t fit all their members into the one clan so split into two) and they would constantly destroy anything they could find regardless if you were a new player, friendly or not or if you had sandstone or T3 structures, they didn’t care, they basically just wanted to “own” the server it seemed, trying to raid them was pointless as they were always online and had the numbers to easily defend/repair, in the end we just moved to a new server and figured they would eventually get bored without any opposition, they’re still there though :man_shrugging:

“Fair fights are for people who are willing to lose 50 % of the time.”

Most PvPers prefer winning, so naturally they’re going to stack the odds, preferably so much so that it stops being a fight and turns into a massacre.

It’s an open world survival game with PvP elements. Never expect things to be remotely fair.

I think you’ve taken it overboard tbh. I understand people play with friends and I could understand abit more if it was one clan with 10 people attacking us rather than 2 clans with 20 people attacking 2 people. Funcom have taken away all good defending tactics, whether it’s honeycombing your base, land claiming or whatever you else you used to be able to do. The way it is at the moment just favours attackers and with clans being able to team up there is literally NOTHING we (defenders) can do anymore, there’s no viable way to defend bases when you’re put into these situations.

Yeah. I still remember when we joined a server in 2019, where 3 clans were the “alpha” and we destroyed their alliance within 3 days. Then they all left.

PvP is just not fair :smiley:

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If you are outnumber 10:1 and they are out to get you and had a massive head start on supplies, you aren’t going to win. There is a point where there really isn’t anything you can do and you will loose 99% of the fights. It’s sort of like reality in that sense. You and a friend are in a fight with 20 people. Regardless of who started it, do you think you got a chance?

The defenses that you reference were tricks used that actfually hampered new players more than established alphas. I’m glad to see them go.

If they are just grieving you, talk to them. Let them know you aren’t going any where and ask what were they expecting to get two days after they wiped you the last time. Which is a passive way to let them know they are grieving you and there is no gain for them in doing so.

How was what I said overboard? In my example, I used 6 to 1 odds. Now you’re telling me its actually 10 to 1 odds.

You’re suggesting at some point, in any time in Conan Exiles history that you had some way of defending against 10 to 1 odds. This simply was never true. Even all the way back to day one of early access, 10 to 1 odds meant you were simply screwed. Back then they could have simply hacked down anything you built with steel weapons.

I have no clue what you think would give you any sort of inkling of a chance against Twenty people with just your two. This is not a balance issue caused by the game. This is not an issue caused by Funcom.

You literally got on the sh-tlist of twenty people. It is on you and you alone to get off that list. And another way to look at this is you are being attacked by a majority. Twenty people is literally half the server that can be logged in at a given moment. So like I said, you simply need to talk to them and ask them what you need to do to stop being attacked.

Getting attacked by the server means you screwed up somewhere, got out played, got out fought, and lost. Its time to swallow that pill and be prepared to do things that are beneath dignity at this point.

I think it’s just two clans and that is the issue they are having. Two clans, united in purpose, are griefing other players and clans. I’m now seeing the issue here because these two clans are 50% of the entire amount of players allowed online at once and that is obscene abuse of the system…worse than landclaiming. Basically the best case scenario is that you get enough people to join your cause and meet on the battlefield with 1:1 ratios, but since that is herding cats, you are lucky to get 10 people on online at a time…they still have 20, only separated because FC made them with clan limits.

Why do you keep saying you “can’t honeycomb”. You aren’t allowed to stack fence foundations, but you can still build multiple layers to your base. You should share your base layouts, because perhaps you need tips on better base defense and building.

There is something to consider. As I said, 20 people is a near majority of the server. And it is easy to take the side of the ‘little guy’ in these situations without having all the facts. Its very possible Boz is simply getting bullied here. But its also very possible he did something to get the server against them.

We don’t know the whole story here.

Yet someone in charge of the twenty clans is able to herd those cats. Think about that for a moment. If it seems a tall order to match twenty people… the twenty people somehow managed to do it. The leader of the organization is a single person. A single person who got off naked off the cross like any other person.

The only difference is, he was able to get 19 people to follow him. The question shouldn’t be that you shouldn’t be allowed to do that (that’s impossible to enforce anyway, so its a waste of time). The question that should be asked, is how were they able to do it?

This isn’t a cheat, this isn’t a hack, this isn’t an exploit. This is one guy who convinced 19 people to follow their lead. Of course there may not be a singular leader, it could be two sets of 10 who set aside their differences. But that’s kinda unlikely. Two unaffilated groups just working side by side unconditionally is rare. Not impossible, and potentially what happened here, but kinda unlikely.

This is more likely a cult of personality that happened. The good news is, these things don’t last. In fighting will eventually tear it apart. Especially the more successful they get.

The only exception to this is if it is actually a large group of friends. In which case they get to dictate terms for as long as they play on said server.

Pve-c only for me, I would find it stressful on full pvp

There’s another issue in this thread that I didn’t touch on before, but is worth bringing up:

Boz, exactly how many in each clan, and how many actual clans are you talking about here? Also are they actually ALL attacking you?

There is a big difference between two clans of ten all attacking as one giant horde, and 2-3 from each clan running around and pillaging. Even clans of up to five players can have a few acting independently of the others with no knowledge of what the others are doing at the time.

Groups as large as what is stated is very rarely coordinated.