Official Duo servers

Hello Funcom and fellow Exiles.
I think Funcom should add Duo servers for us players that dont wanna play against 10 man clans and/or can’t build a 10 man clan.
Myself I prefer to play only with my IRL friend who I play a lot with. But we always get destroyed by the big clans.
Will we ever get some official servers thats only 2-3man clan size?
That would be really nice and would defenitely make more people play the game, as I can’t be the only one who wanna quit because of this…?
What are peoples opinions on this?
And could we maybe get an answer from Funcom themself on this?
Best regards

Ps. and no, I don’t wanna play on unofficial servers where random admin people control it all…


I would be down for that. I would like a solo server, a 3 person clan limit server, and a 5 person clan limit. I think the 10 is too much, especially with social gamers that can call up a few dozen folks to enact petty revenge on someone else.


I said it under a lot of posts already. I think funcom should make use of their 4739482 rented officials and offer some of them with different settings. Setting that up one time should not be too much work but on the long run it would make more of the player base happy and probably return to the game.

More raid time, less raid time, smaller clan size, more exp and harvest, faster crafting times, faster taming, another difficulty etc. There is so much you could change to fill up some of those dead servers and offer more variety.


Horses, no horses. Followers, no followers. So many options with just a few simple changes.


Yep exactly. Would be so nice with some duo servers!

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Agree that having few different settings official servers wouldn’t hurt - disabled horses, disabled followers, 2h daily raid time / only weekend few hours raid time, monthly wiped servers, clan limited to 2/3or4.

That would be awesome to have it and I think it would make a lot more people play as it’s now people don’t want to play official servers cause they can’t have 5h everyday for raid, they wan’t to have server with wipes and having / playing private server is not always an option as most of them are very low population and hosting own server takes a lot of effort and its difficult to keep population.


While I think having a bunch of different server types would be cool, bear in mind they just merged servers to consolidate to fewer. A bunch of niche servers would cater to some but what could happen is that its too few per server because people with niche tastes already have a private server. That would be a big financial risk for Funcom to take on.

A recent thought I had was having offcially endorsed private servers where the server had a curated list of mods that were acceptable (I know, a lot of hurdles here, and if funcom had an admin mod standalone that would be sufficient) and if a server maintained a minimum number of players, the admin was gifted crom coins or some such (not direct payment). That way the admin was able to be close at hand to deal with issues and wasnt locked into servitude… just a thought.


They merged official servers cause there was enormous amout of servers vs low amount of active players.
I think hosting one more server like this wouldn’t hurt and they could do more or just close it based on population.

To be honest there’s a lot of notes they can take from v-rising devs - they already have a lot good ideas and features that works very well - of course some of it won’t fit in there due how game functions.

How long do they carry the monetary loss for the server tho? It sounds good but thats because we dont carry the financial risk. Also imagine you are a player on that server and then it gets dumped because of low pop. How will that make you feel? It would probably be merger rhee all over again.


Yeah but don’t go too deep about it… Why keep negativity about anything like that?
It was just suggestion, does not have to be attacked with wall of pesimistic remarks (what if that, what if that), just chill buddy - especially if you don’t know that kind of details.

I’m not attacking; I’m adding context about why such a thing may not be feasible. Disagreement is not an attack and I’m being very careful to simply state the issues that are being missed rather than just being dismissive outright. It’d be easier for me to say “not gonna happen” and just not post but I’m expounding on what I think so that people might understand that there could be a reason and what those reasons could be.

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I wouldn’t even bother to say that but you reaching with that reasons - no data to support thesis or some valid points - mostly just fortune-telling like reading tea leaves.
It can be quite the opposite, please stop being negative from get go.

I’m giving you an opinion that is not entirely in ignorance. Can take it or leave it but what Funcom chooses to do or not will tell the tale. Its not as if server options for things are unknown to them. They have made choices in the past and will continue to do so, but its not as if they dont know some people dislike horses.

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If this was an answer to @darthphysicist then my apologies but you are mistaken. He is one of the most positive and accurate members in this forum. He is in here since forever. All he speaks is only what he has witnessed all these years in this forum. You cannot imagine how many complaints he read so far in here. I am younger, in the forum I mean :rofl:, and trust me I have read thousands too.

This company has been blamed for many, no people in server, too many people on servers, the game is easy, the game is hard, for promoting slavery, for, for, for, for, so I need 2 days post to say.
Everyone thinks of something he wants badly and keeps asking it. Me my self ask for years now barbaric difficulty servers.
Now @FR0G asks low clan population pvp servers.
You ask your own preference server.
Another, something else.
The way we see the game, from our eyes only, our request is correct. However we must not forget that the servers we ask all ready exist In privates. So it is not so difficult for Funcom to see the popularity of these servers at all. Closing my fellow exile @Wielder, I have to inform you that @darthphysicist run his own servers too and actively help the mod community. Eventually you will understand what kind of person he is, yet no negative at all. Realistic yes.

Ps @FR0G welcome to the forum m8, I wish (against all odds) your wish come true :+1:t6:


Sorry mate but that does not proves anything, i don’t doubt You both spend a lot time on forum, its fine i guess but still i can see a lot of negativity / pesimistic approach based on no data - just speculatilon.

Yeah i know many people want many different things from game and experience it many different ways - thats why having multiple OPTIONS wouldn’t hurt and it will open for many more people. Again OPTIONS are that - if its server option or more server type option it does not matter - it does not force someone to use just that.
I would understand if someone would be negative by saying something can impact another feature or make something broken - but saying that Funcom wouldn’t do it cause of developement cost or they have some different deal with hosting provider is POINTLESS and straight up NEGATIVE as this is just speculation and there’s no data to support that thesis.

OK. Welcome to the forum m8, it seems that your opinion is strong. I will respect your opinion and move on. Nothing more to say here, have fun :+1:t6:.

I dont think they have to carry any risks. There are still more than enough server, even after the merges, that have around 1-3 players probably some none player server out there as well. Look at the data, look which 10 servers had the least traffic or no traffic for the past month and change their settings instead of renting new ones.

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How do you think this will affect your experience in all honesty? If I have ten friends and we wish to cooperate, what is stopping us from created Five 2-man clans and have 5 distinct bases instead of having a single 10 man clan with one base?

This is already being done to bypass the 10 man clan limit already.

In fact I’ll say this right now. Clan limits actually hurt you all more than it helps. Those with the ability to coordinate outside of game (discord, teamspeak, cellphones, social media, etc.) have a major advantage over those of you who don’t. This is exacerbated by the fact that they can use that communication to make multi-clan cooperatives.

But if there was a larger clan size limit, this would mitigate their ability to have such advantages. For example, many of you are lone wolves or duo players. Even with that playstyle, if you are playing in a competitive environment, you can still semi-cooperate with other lonewolves and duos for the sake of mutual defense.

You only lose the ability to have singular builds. But you are sitting ducks against coordinated folks when you are alone anyway, so this isn’t losing much (lose a little building freedom, or face being wiped out with certainty).

This way if you had a clan of around 20 players, doing their own thing. You have somewhat of a chance against a group of 15. They still have an advantage, but not a numerical one. Where as right now, when you are split up in singles and duos, a group of 15 say… separated by a 5 clan limit is just 3 coordinated clans. They’re going to pick you all off.

If you make the clan limit even smaller or even set it to 1 person (no clan functionally). They’re still working together. While you have to face them off alone.

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I guess if we dont care what that one to three people want…

Agree :100: smaller clan size servers sounds very fun

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