Official Duo servers

As i said im pretty sure there are also some servers with no players whatsoever. And yes, with every new patch there comes something not everyone agrees with and might drive people off. If funcom would always decide after what 1-3 people want we would get no patches at all or the most insane changes because you cant please everyone.

Look at a server like this:

Little to no interaction at all for several months and where this server is coming from there are much more of these.

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Probably grounds for just closing it tho. One way to look at it (and I dont know if Funcom does) is that officials should be the “official” aka vanilla settings because that is what Funcom bases all of there balance targets against. A new player might log into a non vanilla settings and get the wrong idea.

I disagree with you. Yes you Could still cooperate with each other, but it would be a hell of a lot harder.
The fact that you couldnt see your clan mates on the map, dont have the same bases, thralls are not friendly to each other, ur friends are not in “green colour”, other small clans would also play on the server and take the space and so on, would make a BIG difference IMO.


So you really think a clan of 15 pvp players who are coordinated (which means they’re better than the average because theres a little number of clans i would call a good coordinated clan but ofc thats just my opinion) would go through the struggle of having 7 clans on a duo server instead of playing somewhere where they actually can properly fight and raid together?

The chances of that happening are small, the chances that you find such a huge clan are even smaller. Playing with so called “hotswaps” is annoying but playing with 7 seperate clans? No way a lot of people would go through that just to dominated solo/duo servers. Good, big clans actually search for fights and good raids. Not saying it wont happen but not as often as you think.

plus you know how much damage you take from your clan mates on officials? Almost none. If those people are used to official and the non existing team damage they will have SUCH a hard time fighting in seperate clans.

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It really isn’t.

Yes I do. I’ve done this a few times myself. Its no where as difficult as you think it is.

It’s not difficult it’s annoying.

Given the fact that on many servers (including officials) that you can only have one base for your clan. It really isn’t. And with some of the things shown in the livestream, this is going to get even easier.

I support them making these little 1-2 man clan servers. I got a few veteran buddies that might want to check them out.

And is just not going to happen on such a large scale

With all due respect, I take a bit of offense to this statement. I will admit admin abuse and inexperienced admins are a rampant problem among private servers. However that is the reason I opened and pay for a server of my own. That being said in my server I make it my duty to protect those playing on it from admin abuse and trolls. This promise to my players is beyond a headache to upkeep but when I get heartfelt thanks from my players it makes it worth the trouble. The point is you shouldn’t generalize or stereotype as there are few but very distinct exceptions.

Unfortunately this is done by all sides. I usually hear it done to pvpers the most. We are all toxic and don’t care about others is more or less the go to but regardless it’s easier to just take it with a grain of salt.

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again on the contrary so long as they obey the rules and guidelines for my server I have had little to no trouble with PvPers. I admit there are not many on my server, the ones I do have are courteous and respectful to the non-PvP players. And in one rare instance when trolls managed to slip through the cracks my PvP players were defending the PvE players from the trolls long enough for me to ban the trolls from the server. When done right and the right people are involved PvP and PvE can coexist.

It’s sad how PvE community players think all PvP community is toxic just cause there’s few ones showing up from time.

It’s like saying that few individuals shape whole community.

agreed, though I admit in my experience a majority of Pvpers attack without concern of whom they are attacking and most of they are attacking simply for a laugh at someone else’s expense. This is the most common reason PvPers get labeled as “Trolls”. Hence why on my server all players are required to register their characters that lists their preferred play style as PvP, PvE, or PvE-C. This clearly defines who is up for the challenge and who just wants to chill.

I dont think pvpers are all toxic, In fact, I dont think pvp or pve has anything to do with bad behavior. I actually think the people who I enjoy reading here the most are largely pvp/pve-c players. It may be the case that my most virulent disagreements have been with someone who plays pvp, but I’m not even sure about that honestly. I dont think its toxic even to make game demands in ignorance of the other playstyles. Its only bad when they are confronted with “hey, your playstyle isnt the only one” and its met with “I dont give a damn about your playstyle”. Thats not exclusive.

I totally understand the way you think and why your looking for a server with a clan limit of 2 - 3 players.

On the other hand that kills the fun of a group of players who made friends in all theyr days of conan and ended up making a clan with them.

That would kill the servers (and yes 5 or more man clans also kill them).

I personally would still prefer playing in a 10man server as a solo (i believe its the limit) over playing in a 2 - 3 man. The point would be gather some friends or make some friends ingame and take on the 5 man clan.

I personally always played as a Duo and recently we meet a very cool guy and teamed up with him, we are a Trio now. Theres already a 4th player playing with us, just not in the clan yet.

I see plenty of solos running arround doing theyr own stuff, not looking to join up with other players and then getting killed by this bigger clans who decided to team up. (Not looking at anyone here)

Team up guys! Open voice chat, try to make friends ingame, dont be afraid or shy to talk to people :slight_smile:

The idea is it would be a few extra severs. You can still play normal 10 man clan servers

The OP asked for opinions. People are providing opinions. Please respect the OP’s request.

“It might not be popular enough to be financially realistic” is just as valid as an opinion as “this would be cool and people would want to play it”. No-one knows how successful it would be, but Funcom needs to consider both sides, not just go with what some people might think as cool.

That’s why a “reality check” is often required when people start wishlisting for new features or content. Some requests are technically impossible. Others are financially impossible. Getting one’s hopes up for something that will get shot down because one of these reasons isn’t reasonable.

Bottom line: this is a discussion forum, not a development project. We don’t need to provide a full SWOT analysis for our contributions - but if we want Funcom to listen to our requests, it doesn’t hurt to be as thorough as possible, and look into other points of view beyond the own, personal one.

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“It might not be popular enough to be financially realistic”
It does not bring ANYTHING to discussion, its offtopic and purely speculation out of our competence (unless information is provided by developers)

For me it looks like people there just kill any ideas with negativity and some weird assumptions. If You don’t like idea then just say it - You are allowed to but without any argument related to topic its offtopic.

Again it’s not in our competency to predic if it will be worth to developers profit-wise or not. We are there to converse about TOPIC which is definitelly not Funcom’s profit speculation.

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When the OP asks “Will we ever get some official servers thats only 2-3man clan size?” it would be flippant to say simply “No” when a more detailed answer as to why I think “no” actually shows that I respect the question. Giving the business reasons doesnt mean their idea is “bad” as to say “that would suck”; on the contrary, I think smaller clan sizes would be in fact better. But what I would prefer in a vacuum is what we call a “selfish” attitude.

But there’s a difference between “I like your idea, but the company might not do it because of reason X so don’t get your hopes up” and “I don’t like your idea”.

Some folks on these forums have been around for years, they’ve read every dev blog text and listened to every broadcast where the developers discuss future plans and comment on player suggestions. Even without a specific answer to every question, there’s data available that lets us make some educated guesses regarding the viability of a suggestion - and sometimes developers have actually said it won’t happen because of reason X.

It’s not negativity. It’s experience.