Clan size reduction from 30 (now) to 10 (on release). Let's discuss?

In my case this reduction will negatively impact on gameplay of my community. We have about 40 adults, with daily online about 10%-20% (4-8 ppl). And the clan management under this new condition will be horrible.

What is the real reason for the reduction of clansize?
Why the current value (30) is not good?


Where did you see this???

talk with Jens yesterday

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I myself have run many +10 clans, and my intention was, even on PvE, have a bigger clan, maybe not 30+, but definately more than 10 players.

I think they have done it, since they expected to raise the max players from 40 to 70 I think, and that, I think, wont happen. So they had to decrease clan size, or it would be a first to come first to win, given official pvp servers will have raiding times.

For me, they should raise it to 15 minimum, even on PvE servers, because with higher clan sizes, we could afford having some semi casual members, test members, recruit noobs etc, but with only 10, that wont happen. I usually have some people that play often, and many that play sometimes, with big clan size theres always somebody around even if most of players are very casual. With 10 that’s…difficult XD


Is it clan membership they have limited or online clan players? I read it to mean max clan size.

Having only 40 on a server at any one time, i can see the need to reduce the clan size to 10. Hopefully later down the road, they will find a way of increasing the server limits on players.

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max clan size.

You do not have 100% participation all the time. De facto it’s on the level of 20-30% on every day basis.
So, if we have 40 players in clan we have about 10 online every evening. And i have to accept and exclude my clanmates on a daily basis? it’s not fun gameplay at all and moreover, I do not understand why this decision was made.

All this year we have clansize = 30.

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3-5 member is enuff, after that clan diplomasy. If its bigger Clans it just suport an un balansed server whit 1-3 or
alfa-Clans that just rolleower the rest of theserver.

But yes it will be plenty of servers so not hard to devide servers om a max ex: 3, 10, 40 and no limit servers.


But if a clan can block other player to enter is a bad thing… Yes you can still do that whit diplomasy but abit more tricky.

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What are you talking about?


Its in the updated FAQ

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When I ran into this issue on private servers we would kick people who are not online and rotate players in and out. If that was too much of a hassle we would make a sister clan and split up. I understand why people would ask for lower clan size but larger clans will find away to still ally up and play together so the limit never really accomplishes what it sets out too.

there are no ingame mechanics for alliance

No, but you can cooperate and coordinate attacks with each other. I like the smaller clan sizes, as it limits the amount of “Alpha” clans and hinders their ability to share resources with allies. If the player cap was raised to 70, then i could understand raising the caps to 20 per clan.


Since when has max clan size been 10?

No mechanic needed besides discord.


That a max limit on 3-8 menbers is good.
Beater whit many small Clans them only 1 big alfa-clan

do you try to fight 5 vs 5?

no, it does not limit anything
it just makes the game more boring and less comfortable

why? please, explain?


No maybe you Think so but its not good when 1 clan fill up the hole server, even a clan on 10 is 25% of a server.

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why you can’t understand that my clan (community) have the same numbers, but have a management problem due to this ‘fix’?

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Same, this announcement has put a wrinkle on things for our clan as well… :confused:

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