How powerful are big clans, well timmy I'll tell you

Big clans when they raid works like Pure on max difficult. Big Clans when everyone farms drains all nodes. Leaving nothing. Big Clans defense is unraidable. A clan of 10- 30 is a nightmare.

Ok, and what’s your point?

I hope it’s not a “nerf big clans so I can solo them” topic. Because I’ll laugh… alot.

Also, aren’t clans limited to 8 players?


I believe it’s 10.


That’s how it works

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Default settings is 30. Might be 20 in PVP.

10 on official servers.

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YouTube Rat pack. They have 14.

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Horray death of the rat pack. Now I can eat all the cheese.

In-game limits are NEVER limits in a real life. Yes, clan limit is 10, but you can create Clan 2 and Clan 3 if you are more than 20. Clan is organization, voice, structure, not tag name and your virtual limits. This game, however, is not good for big clans (10+) at least because server limit is 40 players.

Yes, numbers are OP. Don’t play alone and find a strong clan or another server which has no such clans, however as a Human Being your supreme responsibility and instinct in all aspects of life should be to seek for co-op.

A clan of 10 is x10 more powerful than you think.

Play PVE and you never ever have “big clan” problems I am assure you :smiley: