Limit clan menbers on official servers

To avois to big and powerfull Clans in a server that only nuke everyone that come online is a clan memberlimitation can help cop whit that. i dont know how big but sins the max online is 40 and you have a clan whit 20 players online … not fun. And no space for clam diplomasy. so maybe put a max about 4-8 players.

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When I read the title of topic I was hoping you didnt mean the total amount of players who can create toons on those servers.
Then I read it’s about the number of members in a single clan…
I totally agree!
Having multiple clans clashing into each other should be way more fun than 1 bigass 20 member clan being set against the server with solo players (probably 10?) trying to have that clan not attack them - leaving a server to become some 20 vs 10 game.

Now imagine the same with clans which are limited to those 8 members…
That would be up to 5 clans being online and fighting each other.

I know there are players out there who would even say that 20 isnt enough, due to protecting the base 24/7 with players having different online-times… But those wont even start to think about maximum number of players online at the same time. 20 players in a clan… lets say half of them are online during the day, the others during the night. That clan would still make up 25% of the current number of players who are online - and I think that is bad.

A yes sorry a miss print ther, fixt it… i hope…

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And its alot off servers so whay not make diferent zise on Clans on dif servers.

I thought the max number in a clan was 10? Did not know the pc version was different than the xbox version.