Add some official clan size 5 pvp servers

Thought id add this just to see how many pvp players would be behind and play small clan official servers?


Why do you think people won’t team up?

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Theres nothing to stop people teaming up to 20 people now, but the vast majority of the time its a 10 man clan. The limit is 10.
Many times ive seen a thriving pvp server, lots of little fights and raids.
Then a 10 man clan comes and kills the whole server, followed by another that comes to fight the other 10 man. They fight one gets wiped then the server is dead
Untill the cycle repeats again.
There are difficulties in being 2 joined clans rather than 1 big one, can be overcome but its infinitely easier to be in the same clan.

I think its an idea worth trying.

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I don’t know how many know this or not, but those 10 man crews have organization, cooperation, and communication outside of the game. I’ve been apart of a few (and even host one myself) and they can number anywhere from 5-50 individuals.

Limiting clan size in game doesn’t limit a Discord server which is where most of the collusion is happening. Not the ingame clan stuff itself. Thus having a 5 man clan means instead of having two clans of 5-10), they’ll just have 3-4 clans of 5 each.

This will actually cause a solo or small group of 2-5 more issues than they do now. Instead of their base of operations being condensed to one area, they’ll be able to spread to the four corners of the map. And they’ll be able to do this without running afoul of excessive landclaims. And if one decides to break some rules, the clan wide suspension/ban policy of Funcom becomes much less effective.

You actually want clan sizes to be larger, not smaller for what you are intending to see happen.

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No actually, i was quite clear in asking for smaller clan sizes.
I appreciate your input but if its ok with you ill just see how other people respond before i take your word as “how it is”


I do believe that smaller clan sizes would be more beneficial in the long run. It’s hard enough coordinating in a 10 man clan, but once you split that into 2 five-man clans, now thralls will attack each other, land claim issues, blocked from vault usage for raid supplies, etc. It’s not a “solution” to any problem, mind you, but it is, in my opinion, a positive thing on the whole.

As a solo player myself, if you need 10 people to wipe my base, you’re just not good at PVP


No one is going to stop out of game abuse of teaming up. The only way around that is to eliminate clans all together and promote individual alliances that are limited in what can be accessed/shared (Ie no aggro but no shared storage and land claim is active).

But I agree 10 is too much and overwhelms the server. 5 is more reasonable but I still say clans are dumb and it should be be redesigned as allies and enemies selected for characters on the server. You flip status on the player list and for that server with your particular character, this applies.

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I actually agree with @Taemien on this one. I think this behavior became even more common during the server transfer period. It’s was not uncommon for these kinds of clans to have members rotating in and out of servers moving loot/raid mats. With server transfers gone some of the incentives for out of game clans are no longer there, but I imagine the practice is still alive and well.

I’m not convinced smaller clans will do much to stop alpha behavior, though I’m open to being convinced.

You’re thinking like a solo player with all your eggs in one basket. When clans split up they aren’t in the same location. Those thralls never see each other. So there’s no issue with them attacking, not landclaim isssues either.

The honor and fairness of a duel is not considered in actual PVP.

Taemien, im tryimg to be nice, and saying i appreciate your input.
But your wrong.
There nothing to stop peeple doing this now
Smaller clans create issue with doing what your saying and tbh rather than fight you on it if ask that you respectfully stand down.
You dont need to be in every single thread

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I’m not wrong on this issue because the very things I am warning about, I have personally participated in, not only in CE but other games as well. Clan size limits only ever work (sort of) if you have active moderation checking for inter-clan collusion. This isn’t something Funcom is going to engage in, even if they had the manpower to do so. The simple fact of the matter is the smaller the clan size the more outside cooperation reigns supreme.

Ok …so this is why i post for a bit and give up posting after a while and go back to just reading.
Mainly due to some long time forum user basically shutting the post down saying “no i know this wont work because ive worked in the industry for 1000 years and i know everything” or similar, then the post beccomes some long rant or sudo intellectual nonsense…sigh…

Collusion exists already, there is no change to existing rules that are in place already other than the size of the clan being reduced.

The fact of the matter is that trying to coordinate smaller clan is not as easy shared coms or otherwise.
Theres freindly damage, storage access, thralls attacking amongst other things the amount of people with the right access being online to defend, erc etc
There is nothing to stop 10 man clans or bigger splitting up and doing what you suggest they will do currently, so your argument saying it make it harder for smaller clans, that already being attacked by bigger number without these problems i find hard to accept.

But i think ill just go back to reading…gl out there exiles and yave fun :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


No one ever said it didn’t. In fact just a few months ago there was quite a few complaints about this where you’d have 2-3 clans (10 man each) rolling through the PVP servers wiping out everything in their path.

Its much easier for a cooperative crew to manage 2-3 clans of half the size of what you have now which is what makes a 5 member clan size a bit of a bad idea.

Couldn’t agree more.


Big agree. The limit should have been 5 from the start considering officials max out at 40 players.


Yes!! Couldn’t agree more! I think some people in this post read topic too fast; “Add SOME official clan size 5…” not ALL official servers. Those big group organization, 50 member cooperation, wouldn’t care about the small size servers at all.


@2cents its hard to get good pvp feedback in the forums as there aren’t to many of us but I think your idea has been wanted by a lot of people outside of this forum as well.


Id agree at least,

I hope tbh someone sees this, i think it will be popular