Official Small Clans Servers

One common complaint here, on reddit, and in game is that alpha clans make playing and raiding on many pvp servers impossible for smaller groups of players. I have seen many players get frustrated and quit due to this. I would suggest making official “small clans” servers limiting clan size to 3-5 people. It would not be a total fix, some clans would find a work-around, but it would help. I know there are private servers like this but I, and many like me, do not play private servers due to admin abuse, instability, etc.
As a long time player, this is just something I have observed and feel would be embraced by a large portion of duo/trio/quad clans of players. I have been playing since early access and have raided quite a bit. I have been on the losing side and been on the winning side to the point where we ran everyone else off of a server. I am actually bored with raiding/being raided and have switched to pvp-c and love it because I enjoy building and pvp combat.

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I would suggest a 1-3 player clan limit for the small official servers. Or perhaps a small 1-3 medium 1-6 and large 1-10 set of servers.

An alternative solution would be to allow alliances where thralls and players would not be able to damage allied thralls/players/structures. Then solo or small clans could team up with out the risks associated with merging clans.

I do like the different sizes but having any small clan servers at all would be a start. Alliances are also a good idea, this is something they have in ark and it works out pretty well for doing boss encounters and raiding

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