Add non-clan servers, for solo players

And possible transfer for our characters on the official pvp

What do you think ?


Smaller clan sizes hurt smaller groups and solo players more than you think. If the limit is ten, a group of 30 can make three clans. If its five, they’ll make six clans. If its 1 as you suggest, they’ll just keep on coordinating.

It wouldn´t hurt. This is bs. Big clans do not play on solo player severs. Too much work for them to move stuff back anf forth around clans.

Bigger clans like to have 2 clans. One for active raiding, one for crafting and storing. Besides this they bodyvault, which is much easier.

At least they are in difficulty to target and hit when there are several people around them, not to mention the sharing of loot etc, me who likes to play solo I would prefer this, I am at a disadvantage and I have no choice if I want to live a solo pvp experience, people will not be forced to go to the solo servers, but I would like to be there, on official

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Always thought smaller clan size official servers would be cool. Shame we haven’t seen it yet


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