Clan size- official servers

Why aren’t there 5 person max clan size official servers. I believe it would help balance the game with the big tribes just always dominating because they are able to have 10 ppl on all the time. Obviously it’s aimed a bit more towards pvp but What do other people think?

Part of me believes that officials are thought of as a starter point in Funvmcoms eyes. The lack of variety on settings like 24/7 raid, dbd on, smaller clans, tougher npcs etc seem like no Brainer ways to test what the pvp crowd wants. Dividing the servers into combos like 5 max clan, 247 dbd would allow for a better testing as well.


Even with the current size it’s not that uncommon to see “allied” clans that are for all intents and purposes a singular clan. I think big clans are more the meta because it increases their uptime during raid hours decreasing the odds that they get offlined. I’m not sure if lowering clan sizes would change this behavior to be honest, but maybe.

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I would suspect it’s closer to an engine/server limit for PVP. I suspect that if they had a choice, they’d love to bump the number of people up on servers and the size of clans so that it’s a bit more epic and ‘big’.

If I were to bring a crew to wreck a server. A clan limit of one wouldn’t stop it. Wouldn’t even be a speed bump. A clan limit wouldn’t help or hinder.

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