Less people allowed in one clan

Clans with 6 people should be a maximum, and it’s already a lot compared to players who play solo, or by 2 or 3 people only… PvP is impossible for small clans on many servers because of that, and huge clans over 5 people often use this advantage in a toxic way…

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I feel the problem lies elsewhere tbh, the game has too many systems that benefit large clans and gang tactics.

and to name just a few…

  • You can stockpile God Tokens in a Preservation Box because it stops their decay timer.
    (I was on a server that was literally held hostage by an alpha because they had a ridiculous amount of god tokens)
  • The Event log see’s all and tells them who to suppress.
  • Hitting multiple targets with a single attack in PvP makes you lose more stamina in contrast to hitting a single target.
  • Reduced Friendly Fire Damage, so they can bumrush with little fear of killing one another.
    (even though they’ll probably just play it safe and zerg you with pikes anyway :unamused:)

Agreed but limiting the number isn’t the way to go - instead, there should be a negative side effect to more members being in one clan. Members of a big clan should have to work to keep the clan intact in some way… Such a mechanism makes pros and cons of big clan vs lone wolf vs small clans and it gives an interesting dynamic…

I feel like penalizing cooperation doesn’t serve much of a purpose… it’s more the difference that should be penalized… that is… It should be less appealing for a Large clan to hold an offensive on a small clan. That said, such an implementation would I feel be… difficult. Perhaps Conan could adopt a system similar to the likes of EVE where you more or less have to be at war with the other party… which could say… cost something to achieve, and then at that point you weigh the costs vs potential outcome… but then I could see the drawbacks of such a system.

I don’t think limiting the number of people in a clan would help. A group of six buddies could just form two three-person clans, never fight each other, and gang up on others on the same server. The only problem would be that their NPC followers wouldn’t recognize the other clan as friends.

There’s strength in numbers, and friendship is magic. I don’t really see this as something that needs to be fixed. The only way to make PVP “fair” would be to give everyone the same resources, the same weapons, the same stats and the same number of dudes per side. (And still some people would complain that it’s unfair that the other team has better players… but that’s life in the PVP world.)

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lol unfortunately people will always group together regardless of clan limits. “Mega tribes” exist even in Conan, even if much smaller than their ark counterparts. Current trend is for 20 people or so to gang up and wipe alphas/servers and then hop to other servers after a few weeks tops. Plenty of servers across PC, XBOX and Ps4 have seen this. Megatribes often watch player activity on top servers and go where ever they can find the most competitive fight. There’s a whole network of players who keep tabs on top population servers and even dead ones(just to make sure they stay dead). Its highly competitive and highly toxic at times.

Regardless of how one feels about the fariness in that, a lot of players still wish for both larger tribes/alliances and even the ability to transfer servers. Only moderated private servers can realistically stop this sort of mega tribe behavior. Alternatively Funcom could code routines that log which group of players hang around the same vicinity together, if they attack the same targets and other indicators of cooperate game play and then spawn devastating god like purges (or even meteor strikes) on top of clan bases that basically wipe them. But like anything, players could figure out how to game that too.

yes, a good idea would be open servers with alone or duo playing, guilds with 1/2 member.

The problem with putting a low limit on clans is that humans will adapt and find ways around the restriction.

2 man clan limit… They will for an alliance of six 2-man clans. Yes it may not be perfect, but it will work enough. They can all hop on a 3rd party chat program, plan out their antics, and it won’t make much difference to the poor soloist.

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It’s not very clear, but I’m guessing that this thread is directed to Funcom regarding the max clan limit on the official servers because private servers can change the clan max limit as they like. I’ve seen many advertise that they have lower or higher clan number limits.

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