Balance of clan members on server pvp and create PVP for single players

There is no limit for numbers of clan members. On server where my clan played (had 2 members) appear clan which members of clan were 15! (Max slot on server is 40) . So please explain me how anyone can fight on this serv with such a powerfull clan or even build some base? There is no balance on servers! That’s the reason why many people stop playing this game.
The achievements of several months of the game go to waste.
YOU MUST LIMIT THE MAX MEMBER OF CLAN. Maebye 10% slots on serw ?
(Every clan which has 50% less members than “PRO clan” is doomed to failure- sooner or later).

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Official servers are all configured to have the max clan size of 10, so that means you and your clan are playing on a private server. Therefore, it’s your best bet to take that up with that server’s admins.

thx for answer, but 10 members is very too much. In my opinion 5-6 should be max. I have played more than 800hours in Conan on PVP and PVEc and I know that meet on map with 4-5horse riders 60lvl = death. Only chance have clan with 50%-100% members of enemy. Single or two man is only a game for such a horde.

Maybe create servers for single players = max 1-2 members in clan. Single payers would probably play more often

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I like that you replied two months later. Also, i agree. Max clan size should be lower on official PvP servers.

sry - I had break from conan and back when Isle of Siptah show up

Why is this post in the server recruitment section?

Also with the player limit on official servers being 40 I could see the argument that 10 is a bit much for one clan. I don’t see 4 clans of 10 being on at the same time as a realistic scenario. Something like 5 is probably better.

becouse this section has name servers AND Recruitment :slight_smile:

Yeah. That means this forum is for advertising your servers and recruiting people to play with you. This looks like a suggestion.

This post should be in the suggestion section.

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